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Does Raf x Raf run a bit small/large by any chance? I'm a 40 inch chest (medium in pretty much everything) and I wanna know if either of these in a Small/Large would work... God I hate being a medium. Thanks in advance
I like it. Then again, my style is very un-SF. I own a Diesel Lamados. Fit is decent and the leather is nice. Definitely not worth retail price ($650) but for the $360 I got it for, I'm satisfied.
Nooooooooooooooooooo...... ;_;For good or is there a gleam of hope for future production?
I never really liked the moto personally, but that 4-zip in whiskey = O_O... Wishlist: Black DR/QDR, brown A-2, and now a whiskey 4-zip... fuck.
So I got a Poli Sci degree from Rutgers with a 3.46 GPA. No internships or related work experience. Anything specific I can do to make myself more attractive to the more respectable firms before I drop the money on an MBA?
Rutgers New Brunswick, B.A. in Poli Sci.
Seems like there's a lot of people that would immediately trash on an entire fit/piece of clothing because it's not made by some obscure designer that the internet goes ape over. Bet you my account that the "poor Asian kid" comment would never have gotten made if that Nike logo wasn't on those pants
No it isn't, it's more like adding ketchup to your cheeseburger. Or maybe even pre-soaking your overpriced $500 pair of raw denim so that it fits you well. If Drew wants the collar to be like that stock, there's really no point in bitching about it. It's his damn design. If the idea of molding a collar because it's like two centimeters too high for you sounds like too much, you can buy another jacket. Just because TOJ is made-to-measure doesn't mean that the designs are...
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