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How would a pair of NS sized down 3 compare to a PS sized down 2?
Those look like shit.
They'll stretch like mad. 30 sounds like it should be fine, looks like you're the same size as me and I got a 30.And not to be that guy, but there are a LOT of APC sizing info and guides all over the internet.
new drops on thecorner again. at least on Kris Van Assche.
If they're 10 at the ankle they're probably really wide in the thigh/knee.. not sure if it would look good.
any idea how these fit?
They're awesome. I have 8130s and the quality/construction is superb., my friend.The Corner just did a price drop on a lot of stuff including some other KVAs... please don't buy all the 42-42.5s before I can
Been hunting for a few months for an awesome winter coat and I stumbled on this, only to find it's a few years old and the dude on SuFu who has one didn't respond to my PM ;_; Here's a few pics: Looking for a grey colored coat with a similar...
could you just post a measurement of the pant hem? thanks.
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