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those are kinda ugly but if it has to be those, just go black and white.
wrong forum bro.get some pictures and post here: http://www.styleforum.net/f/6875/streetwear-denim-classifieds
Depends on what else you got in your closet, TBH. I'd be inclined to go red though.
I would like deeper V's too, just saying
Powder blue MDR Can we make this happen? ;_;
I ordered on Friday and still didn't get confirmation/follow-up e-mail, if that counts.
You, my friend, are a hero. Copped some PS's, hope they work out.
Dior Dior galore, I love the cut! Man if I wasn't so broke I'd have like 10 pairs of 19cms. Perfect jean. My pair of "Monday's Off" practically made my eyes watery when I tried them on for the first time. Is there anything cut like the 19cm for like, sub-$200?
How would a pair of NS sized down 3 compare to a PS sized down 2?
Those look like shit.
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