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Damn dude it's just clothes..... LMAO.Seems like some people in here are just trying really hard to make themselves feel better for spending hours upon hours looking up relatively obscure jean companies and fit on styleforum and got mad that this guy found something he liked while shopping at target... your responses are too angry to suggest otherwise
those are kinda ugly but if it has to be those, just go black and white.
wrong forum bro.get some pictures and post here:
Depends on what else you got in your closet, TBH. I'd be inclined to go red though.
I would like deeper V's too, just saying
Powder blue MDR Can we make this happen? ;_;
I ordered on Friday and still didn't get confirmation/follow-up e-mail, if that counts.
You, my friend, are a hero. Copped some PS's, hope they work out.
Dior Dior galore, I love the cut! Man if I wasn't so broke I'd have like 10 pairs of 19cms. Perfect jean. My pair of "Monday's Off" practically made my eyes watery when I tried them on for the first time. Is there anything cut like the 19cm for like, sub-$200?
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