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Hardcore lurker here, this thread got a LOT less boring than the last time I was here (months ago). Thanks for the inspiration fellas.
Yeah that's pretty turrible..
You guys really like this stuff? It looks so shitty imo.
Thank you... Based God ;_;
I have one t shirt from them. Slightly looser fit, fairly comfortable but the shirt developed a few small holes by the seam after one wash.
The $12.90 L/S shirts are the shit. Only thing I really liked from the collection tbh.
Are you guys gonna do anything with t-shirts besides the really boring stuff you got now? Some cooler colors/patterns, scoop necks, interesting fits, etc... no offense, it's just that the stuff you got now does nothing for me.
As far as "in style", noooooooooooooooooooo. Whether or not you like em is up to you, of course.
Damn dude it's just clothes..... LMAO.Seems like some people in here are just trying really hard to make themselves feel better for spending hours upon hours looking up relatively obscure jean companies and fit on styleforum and got mad that this guy found something he liked while shopping at target... your responses are too angry to suggest otherwise
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