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Lol I would think the Skillz album would do that moreso. Here to Save You All is way underrated. Riiiot, It's All Bad, Thousands, What Am I, all insanely good songs.
IMO, '96 >>>>Nas - It Was WrittenRas Kass - Soul on IceJay-Z - Reasonable DoubtMobb Deep - Hell on EarthRedman - Muddy WatersUGK - Ridin' DirtyOutkast - ATLiensDJ Shadow - EndtroducingHeltah Skeltah - NocturnalThe Roots - Illadelph HalflifeMad Skillz - From Where???Chino XL - Here to Save You AllPac - All Eyes on Me
The Corner. 30% off code. THANKYOU Fuck. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO.
Why are like, all of the good ones in this thread unavailable You guys are failing me, SF
Just walk around shirtless at that point...
Whoever built the Yoox/TheCorner sites is really sloppy. I've had numerous items in my Dreambox/Wishlist that I never had to worry about selling out because you can't even search it regularly... I even had items in there that straight up disappear (they're not greyed out with the "Sold Out" text underneath) and reappear months later for a day or two. I wonder how much shit they have in their warehouse that's destined to sit there for eternity because it doesn't even show...
How do you guys size on Acne Limit tees? I keep seeing measurements all over the place, like XLs with 20" chests and Mediums with the same...
Those look cheap as all fuck, @ those gum soles
Never heard of authentic DH jeans without the hook enclosure at the top.
Whereas a regular lurker would only peruse the forum when he's bored and has exhausted all other forms of paltry entertainment on the web, a hardcore lurker is one who makes a habit of browsing the site and absorbing as much inspiration/information as he can.And yeah sorry for the backhanded compliment lol. Last time I was in this thread it was all lame outfits with people going "THAT SHIRT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN IN 0.74 CM AT ≈21.9 CM BELOW THE ARMPIT HOLES". I see a lot of...
New Posts  All Forums: