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Just walk around shirtless at that point...
Whoever built the Yoox/TheCorner sites is really sloppy. I've had numerous items in my Dreambox/Wishlist that I never had to worry about selling out because you can't even search it regularly... I even had items in there that straight up disappear (they're not greyed out with the "Sold Out" text underneath) and reappear months later for a day or two. I wonder how much shit they have in their warehouse that's destined to sit there for eternity because it doesn't even show...
How do you guys size on Acne Limit tees? I keep seeing measurements all over the place, like XLs with 20" chests and Mediums with the same...
Those look cheap as all fuck, @ those gum soles
Never heard of authentic DH jeans without the hook enclosure at the top.
Whereas a regular lurker would only peruse the forum when he's bored and has exhausted all other forms of paltry entertainment on the web, a hardcore lurker is one who makes a habit of browsing the site and absorbing as much inspiration/information as he can.And yeah sorry for the backhanded compliment lol. Last time I was in this thread it was all lame outfits with people going "THAT SHIRT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN IN 0.74 CM AT ≈21.9 CM BELOW THE ARMPIT HOLES". I see a lot of...
Hardcore lurker here, this thread got a LOT less boring than the last time I was here (months ago). Thanks for the inspiration fellas.
Yeah that's pretty turrible..
You guys really like this stuff? It looks so shitty imo.
Thank you... Based God ;_;
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