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Might be my favorite fit ever posted in this thread (that I've seen).
WOAT? I don't recall SF merging with Kanyetothe...I actually like your fit btw.
Every time I'm in here some jackass is giving a smartass answer to a simple question, gets called out for it, then spends the rest of the page defending his post instead of just saying "fair enough, my bad" and moving on... nowadays I tend to just scroll through the page to see if there's any pictures/new posts from Drew or Charly. Bet you lots of people do the same for that reason and that's why some of the same questions get repeated over and over again.
Son of a bitch that jacket is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Pulling the trigger this week, help me decide... Bright Whiskey Lamb Single Needle Channel Quilt BCDR Black Lamb Single Needle Channel Quilt BCDR with Gold Zippers/Hardware
Is there a set cutoff for orders yet? I'm on a cut right now which means my body is not ready (literally) EDIT: sorry got my answer, sounds like another 3 weeks or so... shit.
I've always thought CPs were delicate as fuck, but 6 hours? Ouch.
Anyone have an idea of how long they take to process an exchange? My return gets back tomorrow and I'm seriously antsy for the new size to get here soon
I hear the camel overcoats are dirt cheap now. What size would I want if I'm usually a medium, 38 or 40? And does anyone know of H&Ms in NJ/NYC that would have them? Otherwise hit me up if you can proxy
This can be said about 90% of the shit people obsess over on this site.Dark colored socks.
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