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CPs are way better looking, bottom line. No one would have ever batted an eye at those terrible SLPs if Hedi Slimane's name wasn't attached to the company (big surprise that the guy who posted them has Hedi as his avatar)
Are we still allowed to share coupons in here? 70% off at Zam Barrett Shop Code: SS70
I've ordered from them twice and I've never gotten this. What the fuck?
Hint: It's a lie and he doesn't wanna dig through pages and pages of Yoox.
Fresh drops on Yoox 20% still works We eatin.
Brooks Brothers.
You guys are just fucking this thread up now.
Yeah it's legit. It's run by Dr. Jays.
Man, Porter sales get weaker and weaker by the season.
I highly doubt it. $295 jeans being given away for free + no size selection = 99.999999% chance it's a website error.
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