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Am I the only person that hates OCBDs? Regardless, I usually tuck in my dress shirts and I wear jeans 90% of the time. Although, for someone my age, it is context dependent.
It depends on what you want... Gabardine have a bit of a sheen to them and may have seemed like "suit trousers". Flannel is, well, like flannel (usually heavier and has a "looser" feel (for lack of a better word). Twill has a diagonal weave in it (more pronounced than the others.
I buy one or two packs of hanes t-shirts from Target every year or so to wear when I work around the house or work on cars. I can say after abusing them a lot, they hold up very well (don't turn yellow or become transparent). ...and they don't bacon
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley Just out of curiousity, under what circumstances would one wear a dinner jacket or a smoking jacket? I've never seen a social situation that would ever call for one. When dining and smoking.
Buy Oxford cloth shirts (they aren't all Button down collars) and have them fitted. I have some from Ralph Lauren that have a nice spread collar.
I think this interior is interesting. I really like how there is very little red, other than the carpeting; it's just enough to make it cohesive but doesn't overdo it.
Haha - I don't have wisdom teeth (never did - never will) +1 for evolution.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Nice, that's pretty sharp looking. Much better quality picture. Thats easily much nicer then the OE. Thank you. Part of the problem is that I usually have to rely on other people to take pictures of items after they have been installed.
SG, I completely understand what you are saying. Here is an example of some work I did that (I think) shows what you are referring to: This is the stock boot after a short shifter was installed I was able to remake the pattern and style of the original boot (adjusting it for the shifter) and use better material.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman SG, you should post in the 'Cars we drive' thread as this would be total pwnage. Seriously awesome. Props. ~ H I think he has posted this before... Either way, it is amazing. SG, Thank you for the advice. Most of what you said is what I am aiming for. The online part is mainly set up to focus on the accessories (where the money is coming from for me to do everything else). When I'm not working...
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