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I think self measuring is a recipe for disaster. However, if you do it right you can successfully buy a great suit online and save yourself a fortune.A few months ago I purchased a suit for $2,300 from an online suit retailer and I now have a stunning suit that fit's me close enough to perfect. rather than attempt to self measure, I took the company's measurement form to a top tailor and had them measure me. It cost me $50 but for my money I got more than just the basic...
I have a double breasted suit I had made in London many years ago that I stil wear every so often. Perhaps I will finally be recognised as the fashion leader that I am
So is my office yet for a lark I wore my tweed suit one Friday. It's a rather colourful tweed and surprisingly the only person who said anything at all was the receptionist who kindly shared with me the fact that she hated it.Not that I'd take any real notice of a 19 year old girl anymore.
Let me play devils advocate and ask are we expecting too much off an on-line suit company selling what are basically cheap suits? What should you expect for a MTM suit for under $400? I'd say that the fact they remain in business means they must be doing an OK job.One of the guys at work has a friend who runs an on-line tailoring company and some of the suits he buys are absolutely beautiful and inspired me to take the plunge and order one for myself, spending far more...
I'll have a go and say that you're a hopeless ironer.Although I must admit I have had two lots of different Egyptian cotton shirts custom made and they are both prone to wrinkle and difficult to iron. The higher grade fabric being the worst.I also had some cheap chinese cotton and silk shirts ciustom made for about a third of the price of the Egyptian cotton ones from an on-line tailor and the only time I iron them is if I have an important meeting. Otherwise I wear them...
I'm sorry but perhaps I don't understand the Indochino system but are you saying you asked for a remake and shortened the crotch (and other measurements) by only a quarter of an inch?Surely I'm missing something here???
Have to agree. As a more "portly" person I had probelms finding clothing that fit until I went to the online MTM route. My first were good but after tweaking the measuremenst a little the next order fit perfectly. I now have a great suit being made
Send them a message and ask them. I use an on-line tailor to make my clothes. I wanted something special in shirts so I asked if they could do it. They emailed me back saying that they only offer the basic construction and options on-line but they also have access to a superior standard of tailoring for those that request itI ended up with great shirts in a quality cotton, tailored impeccibly and, although considerably dearer then what they were advertising, at under $100...
I buy far more on-line than the average person. Most of which is from Australian websites which charge me GST anyway and are still massively cheaper than buying in stores. On overseas sites the shipping is usually close to, or in some instances more, than a 10% GST.The problem isn't the GST it's penalty rats and the massive rents as well as greedy companies with 300% margins
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