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What companies are similar to Carrol and Company in terms of quality?
I think it looks great and was just curious if it had a specific term. The item itself is unique and not for everyone.Link to help clarify.
Any name for a coat or blazer that is unfinished on the ends and have the seams facing out?
Spending most of the time in Cusco, Lima, and hiking Machu Pichu. I have a few free days any recommendations on other places to visit? How hard is the hike? What was your experience like?
I am looking to purchase a medium/ size 40 vest with lapels.
Thanks, I will check it out.
Where can I find one to purchase?
I am trying to get the best pants possible for the price. Could I do any better than lands end?
I am a fan of this coat. I haven't seen anything like it before.
Anybody wear them with AE or Alden? Would I be able to go to the store with them and find their regular offerings comfortable? Should I have looked into 3/4 length orthotics?
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