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 Is this the fit jacket or what was actually delivered to you? FWIW, I think that's how the board racer is supposed to fit. Keep in mind that the leather will loosen up in a few weeks and start to drape better. 
Went to both the outlet stores in Heartland Town Center and the new one at Vaughn Mills. The VM location fared slightly better but in general a waste of time. Mostly suits from their own brand, or Baumler. Outerwear was confusing as they'd use the coat hangers for Corneliani but the actual coat would be some no name brand.    The few gems I saw were a solid navy Samuelsohn suit (in 41T however) for like $700 bucks, a few Drakes pocket squares for $40. 
Brooks Brothers uses Todd & Duncan (at least for the men's sweaters), which also supplies for Hermes I believe. For what it's worth, I have a Johnston's cashmere scarf and a Brooks Brothers Scottish cashmere sweater and they've both held up nicely.
My Aero Sheene - Props to Carrie and Wade @ Thurston Bros for awesome customer service. They were replying to me at like 9 pm during the weekend.  
If it was vicuna it'd be like $50,000... 
 What do you have against a chargeback? This type of scenario is exactly what it's designed for, isn't it?
From my experience, no.
Hi folks,   What's the consensus on this years cashmere crewneck/v-neck sweaters from Todd & Duncan?    In person, they certainly feel soft but I'm worried about stretching/pilling in general.   Thanks!
I think its pretty clear that there is some leverage over him, whether you care to use it or not.
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