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If it was vicuna it'd be like $50,000... 
 What do you have against a chargeback? This type of scenario is exactly what it's designed for, isn't it?
From my experience, no.
Hi folks,   What's the consensus on this years cashmere crewneck/v-neck sweaters from Todd & Duncan?    In person, they certainly feel soft but I'm worried about stretching/pilling in general.   Thanks!
I think its pretty clear that there is some leverage over him, whether you care to use it or not.
 Thanks. Too bad it's already sold. :( IMO, it's similar to the difference between shell cordovan versus normal calf skin. Sure it's more pricey and heavy, but you get extraordinary depth of color and can achieve a great patina over time with FQHH.  Of course, it's totally different than CCP Kangaroo leather which is awesome as well, but in a totally different way. 
  *shrug*  Below is my Aero FQHH Highwayman. If that leather had any more character, it'd be played by Robert Downey Jr. And Chrisgold is correct, the leather is only stiff for a few months. Do you mind providing some examples of leather that you consider to be interesting?  
Just wanted to note that I'd be using different criteria altogether if I was indeed looking at RO, MMM, etc. I would consider fit, silhouette, design aspects that set it apart from other jackets in that class.    In my opinion, the concept of 'quality' does not mean the same across all leather jackets.
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