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LOL his fit pic was the exact reason I cancelled my TOJ order and got a Sheene too! Insurrection should give him credit towards his next jacket with all the PR he generated.
Well I own a reasonably fitted HWM and just ordered a Sheene so I'll let you know. For what its worth, I would not recommend the HWM for the SF crowd unless you size down significantly. The armholes are low, overall cut is quite boxy, the extra material at the sides balloons out sometimes which gives an unflattering profile.That said, it is a classic jacket and I won't have to look for another leather jacket when I'm 40+.Now the Sheene is a different beast and looks very...
Didn't Drew post a picture of a bunch of completed jackets and mention there were four more rooms like that?
Still selling my full leather spot for what I paid. (~16 weeks in)
Tried on the Golden Bear moto jacket.. love the fit and style, and it's well made. But a bit steep at $1k+ imo.  
My spot for a MDR (end of Feb) is up for grabs. PM me. 
I thought Carrie was suggesting both slim and standard in this new design. Everyone's happy that way, no?
Sure, wouldn't hurt to have that option too. Honestly, that fit pic of the junya moto is pretty damned tight. Like I can see his ab definition through his jacket tight.
Just some evo pics with a better camera than last time.     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
The XL works for me as long as the shoulders aren't crazy wide (i.e over 18.5 inches wide)   Booyah.. can't wait for the prototype. 
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