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Brooks Brothers uses Todd & Duncan (at least for the men's sweaters), which also supplies for Hermes I believe. For what it's worth, I have a Johnston's cashmere scarf and a Brooks Brothers Scottish cashmere sweater and they've both held up nicely.
My Aero Sheene - Props to Carrie and Wade @ Thurston Bros for awesome customer service. They were replying to me at like 9 pm during the weekend.  
If it was vicuna it'd be like $50,000... 
 What do you have against a chargeback? This type of scenario is exactly what it's designed for, isn't it?
From my experience, no.
Hi folks,   What's the consensus on this years cashmere crewneck/v-neck sweaters from Todd & Duncan?    In person, they certainly feel soft but I'm worried about stretching/pilling in general.   Thanks!
I think its pretty clear that there is some leverage over him, whether you care to use it or not.
 Thanks. Too bad it's already sold. :( IMO, it's similar to the difference between shell cordovan versus normal calf skin. Sure it's more pricey and heavy, but you get extraordinary depth of color and can achieve a great patina over time with FQHH.  Of course, it's totally different than CCP Kangaroo leather which is awesome as well, but in a totally different way. 
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