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Brooks Brothers uses Todd & Duncan (at least for the men's sweaters), which also supplies for Hermes I believe. For what it's worth, I have a Johnston's cashmere scarf and a Brooks Brothers Scottish cashmere sweater and they've both held up nicely.
Nah. I can even wear a sweater underneath. This being my third FQHH jacket, i find that if you don't get it snug to begin with, it gets really roomy after it breaks in and starts to drape. Edit: took another look at the photo I posted... Those aren't stretch marks at the chest. The horse hide ripples that way.. Hard to describe.. But I can easily fit my hand between the jacket and my chest
My new Aero Sheene courtesy of Thurston Bros. Many thanks to Carrie and Wade for awesome customer service!!!  
My Aero Sheene - Props to Carrie and Wade @ Thurston Bros for awesome customer service. They were replying to me at like 9 pm during the weekend.  
If it was vicuna it'd be like $50,000... 
 What do you have against a chargeback? This type of scenario is exactly what it's designed for, isn't it?
From my experience, no.
Hi folks,   What's the consensus on this years cashmere crewneck/v-neck sweaters from Todd & Duncan?    In person, they certainly feel soft but I'm worried about stretching/pilling in general.   Thanks!
I think its pretty clear that there is some leverage over him, whether you care to use it or not.
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