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I KNOW... Crazy shit. I like how he got the intern to copy all the Aero patterns before he jumped ship too.
http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?82006-Aero-Trial-Narrative&p=1939359#post1939359 Props to Ken Calder
Damn y'all thought TOJ drama was bad.. You should check out what's going on between Aero and Alexander Leathers on FL. Sabotaging the profits and reputation of your company to sink its value so it could be sold to a rival for pennies on the dollar. Unprecedented theft of leather goods and denim that took the police days to transport away. Betrayal, righteousness, justice, this story's got it all
 Sorry, I didn't mean that to be a jab. What did you order anyways? I honestly think Drew's trying now for what it's worth. It's just very slow progress given the crap process + the fact that all the people who were handling this are gone so he's working blind.  I think OperationFB worked to some degree.
 I ordered mine on Monday and expecting it to clear customs on Friday... 
Up for sale is a Cooper A2 goatskin jacket in pristine condition (ie. no tears, rips, stains anywhere). Price dropped from $150 to $130!   Neil Cooper USA used to manufacture flight jackets for the United States Army Air Forces and United States Air Force and ceased production in the late 90's, which makes this jacket even rarer given that it's essentially in NWOT condition.     Type A-2 Brown color Heavy duty metal zip front Snap button & hook collar 2 front flapped...
Its happening!!!!
Quick heads up, HR2 at VM has the Filson Weekender coat in Seattle fit for $178. Jacket is a nice Bedale alternative with better fitting sleeves.
Because that he can just ignore or just stop logging into FB. On the public page of their restaurant, not as easy to ignore. You might even be able to get his coworkers to pressure him into dealing with this issue. If you have any qualms about 'bothering' his coworkers at Libertine, consider that the very establishment that they're working at is most likely funded by you. There have been a number of cases where Drew only responds when he's pressured. The instant refund...
New Posts  All Forums: