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Just to confirm, we won't have any sizing charts available until the prototype is finalized, correct? 
Because we ordered the jacket knowing he was going to be juggling both roles and everything, including client communications, was going to be on a best efforts basis.   This was pretty clear, at least to me. 
This looks awesome. Will wait to see a fit pic first I guess.
Didn't Drew just open his new restaurant? Pretty sure this is crunch time for him and his crew, making final adjustments and whatnot. 
Can someone recommend a decent CSC bag? I was looking at Yoshida Porter, but those bags are meant for the full DSLR kits I think. 
Anyone have an idea when the Filson x Magnum bags will drop and what the stockists will be?   The details online are pretty vague... thanks!
Shame. I would like a covert or crombie style coat made from the material.
Uh, I'm all for women posting.. but yeah. This particular poster is just spewing useless garbage on a multitude of threads. I have her blocked and it's still bad because I can see her blathering about her ex-bf in the thread preview. 
Gotta say, I effing LOVE my kersey wool peacoat. Does anyone know of any other brands using this material nowadays? It's as soft as cashmere, yet strong and durable as 100% wool.
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