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Having examined both a secondhand TOJ calf MDR in person and received a Vanson Daredevil fit jacket to play around with, here are my thoughts. The TOJ is okay quality and has a refinement to its design but the Vanson is head and shoulders better than the TOJ in construction quality and even leather quality (ie. Very consistent rich leather with no excessive graininess, dry spots or thin patches). If the designs of both jackets appeal to you, I would recommend the Daredevil.
Yeah exactly. If *anyone* still had faith in Drew at this point...
 That's some Braveheart-level shit there. We've literally seen Distorb grow into a man in this thread.
Given his current state of mind, I'm projecting that he will soon offer free helmet bags for whoever assassinates Distorb, CellarDoors, etc   Also, East Asia Daily is the largest newspaper in Korea by readership (1.2 million daily). I wonder how much a full page ad would cost?
He'll probably need to adopt a new identity to start his new business venture.. Keith Drew perhaps?
Yelp, Google reviews, Tripadvisor, Chowhound.. tonnes of ways to impact whatever Google brings up whenever anyone looks up Libertine.    Drew would end up hating you guys though and your jackets would probably arrive with something even worse than hateful Korean air. 
Yeah he based a lot of rankings off of price and didn't bother converting the 400 GBP to USD for Aero. He mentions that he's never actually seen a lot of his god tier jackets in person, but is ranking them based on price. Stellar stuff!     Sorry, didn't realize it's 2 years old. It's still stickied on the sidebar and is the official leather jacket guide for Reddit. 
Thoughts on the official Reddit leather jacket guide? I personally like his tiers.      http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/zsaj4/leather_jackets_a_lengthy_buying_guide_v10/   Brands Low End Cheap Leathers Generally recommended to avoid these unless you're really on a budget Caine Website Aero Leather Website Wilsons Leather Website Mid Range ($500 - $1000) This is a great place for most people to start with their leather...
Haha.. As someone who was waffling between an Aero A2 and the Daredevil (ultimately deciding on the Daredevil), an A2 project run by Carrie/Wade would be a no brainer for me.
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