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 +1. At least provide proof to Fok that he's liquid enough to fulfill the orders.. else this is just another ploy. 
He's a pathological liar and as Charly suggested, a master bullshitter.    I do agree that the situation can be salvaged somewhat if he writes a nice big fat cheque to Fok for refunds.   I think this paints a great picture of a sociopathic manipulator and how they think/operate. People who still expect DK to do the rational/honorable thing here are in for a world of hurt.   They live life large, going to the best restaurants and hotels. They don't think twice about burning friendships, family. They lie to everyone, even for no apparent reason. Lies become second nature to them.
This reminds me of the #OccupyWallstreet movement. Lots of momentum, lots of pent up frustration/anger. Too many captains trying to steer the ship and in the end nothing came out of it because there was no clear direction, just a rabble of angry voices.   I suspect your best bet is to stay cohesive and organized and stick with DWW's collective legal action approach, as I strongly doubt Paypal's doing shit here as they've already told numerous posters.  
So... foreigners can report illegal activities for small Korean business owners with the confusingly named Anti Corruption and Civil Rights Commission. There's even rewards for whistleblowers.   The English submission form:   Here's an article about how people use it (it's used for fighting corrupt public agencies as well as illegal dealings with...
Well, we know one thing that works.. apply pressure on Drew via business partners.   However, that's an option with a limited lifespan as the sale of Libertine reaches conclusion. After that, Drew's in the wind.
Oh sorry, my bad then
You can adjust a bunch of measurements from the stock sizing
Maybe register the domain and post a concise summary of what happened along with his picture. Embed search terms like libertineseoul, TOJ, Drew Keith, etc. Facebook pages can be taken down easily enough by renaming the restaurant or something. A site like this would be harder to shake... Especially if you get it onto Reddit or something.
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