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Well, we know one thing that works.. apply pressure on Drew via business partners.   However, that's an option with a limited lifespan as the sale of Libertine reaches conclusion. After that, Drew's in the wind.
Oh sorry, my bad then
You can adjust a bunch of measurements from the stock sizing
Maybe register the drewkeith.com domain and post a concise summary of what happened along with his picture. Embed search terms like libertineseoul, TOJ, Drew Keith, etc. Facebook pages can be taken down easily enough by renaming the restaurant or something. A site like this would be harder to shake... Especially if you get it onto Reddit or something.
Anyone have a good double rider inspiration fit album? I was thinking of just a slouchy vneck and denim or maybe a hoody. Heavens comment is making me paranoid now... :/
Yeah. This jacket can stand up on its out of the box. Might take a few months to develop a drape.
Not a bad idea actually. The long road to the ultimate wardrobe is rife with hazardous potholes like Dayton, Ambrosi, ToJ, etc.    Maybe a quick summary of such incidents of infamy would make for a compelling story to show the flipside of SF success stories. Then again, maybe it's bad for business. 
 Which is exactly why I said:  I understand TOJ's strength was their refined designs. 
Hmm.. let me rephrase. The TOJ I saw was a calf skin, but had no particular problems with it. It was as I said, okay quality. The veininess/dry patch/thin areas comment is a reflection of other issues from other clients that have arose in this thread.  I was merely stating that the Vanson Daredevil unit I examined not only did *not* have any such issue, but was richer in person and had more character than the TOJ calf skin. It could be the nature of the secondhand TOJ calf...
Sorry meant veininess instead of graininess. My bad
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