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Aite, just ordered my first ToJ.. brown calf skin MDR with silver hardware.    Now the wait begins. 
 Yep, ^^^^ what he said.
 Thanks folks! I put myself on the waiting list for the cigar shell cap toe from Alden DC. No deposit, but also little to no chance of fruition. I think I was 6th or so for my size and they're getting 4 pairs for that size. 
Thanks for the response Steve
Quick question.. when getting yourself added to a waiting list for Alden boots, do you normally have to put down a deposit? Does this vary from retailer to retailer?
Nice job. My BOM005's are still bleeding like a mofo, even after some solid break in time.
 Picked my peacoat up from the tailors. Wearing my thickest flannel underneath and it's still a bit roomy.     
Can't believe I haven't asked this here yet, but I'm looking for a replacement belt for my International and don't wish to be bent over by the sellers on EBay. Any ideas?
 Thanks. I love the slubbiness of this denim and the awesome fades that come with it.   
Just some quick evo pics. PBJ XX-005 from May 2012, washed about 5 times. Reinforced stitching once.     
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