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Hi, sorry for the confusion. Posting while drinking = weirdness ensues. My actual chest circumference is 41.5 inches, 42 inches with a deep breath. I suppose my question is whether or not I can shift the buttons over to make up for any tightness from a peacoat that has a stated chest measurement of 41 inches (from SelfEdge). Are they accounting for layering with that measurement? 
Quick question to Mr. P-Coat...    I have a 21.5 inch chest, 22 inch chest taking a deep breath with 17.75 inch shoulders (yah yah I have narrow shoulders). I'm interested in the Buzz Rickson peacoat, but would not be layering with sweaters or anything. I usually just wear a collared shirt under my jackets so with that in mind I was thinking of snagging the size 38 (Self Edge lists it with 41 inch chest). The reason is that a size 40 has 19 inch shoulders which would...
Interesting. Regarding the weird posts of late, I suspect it's from the Reddit MFA crowd as Mike has an AMA scheduled there with direct links to this thread.   Although some of wj4's compositions exceed my own level of sartorial comfort, I really appreciate his vision and ability to push the envelope. Plus, it's always great to see EP clothing in real life situations! Rock on Wisith!
Sorry, noob question but where are the tweed fabrics on the site?
Yeah, the offering is a good start, but I'd need at least 32 oz wool to survive in Toronto.
Raided the Madison ave store and wiped out the entire Tokyo slim 16.5 34 length sleeve column. Love the fit and construction.
http://imgur.com/a/sJQgY   All credit to Reddit user LordPoint for a pretty interesting visual guide on how Bostonian shoes are crafted.   I wonder how AE compares...
 Oooh, wait a sec.. is there a NYC store as well? I thought this was only an online venture.
TIL that the Alden Kudu is not in fact, Kudu leather. Fascinating! How does real Kudu fare in snow, salted ice conditions? Picked up the Scotch grain Alt Wiens!
 According to my records, June 26th, 2011.  Edit: Oh, that was for my 256. The 252 is from December 11th, 2012. Barely used.
New Posts  All Forums: