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  So millions of dollars stored in your garage, you say...  
People who actually have money tend not to store it all in their wallet. Just saying'
In all seriousness, DP92 is dressed better than the guy in the right. That BestBuy logo is just tacky amiright????
An update, two years later....Loving the Plaza last!
Yikes that is pretty bad. My Strands bow a bit too, McAllister's fit like a glove. I think I saw in the giant AE thread that you might be able to return those.
Does anyone know how the Seattle fit Mackinaw Cruisers fit now? I have a 42 inch chest, 40 inch torso.. would I be a medium or a large? The Filson site is maddeningly vague. :(
Not a fan of their oxford shirts. Pretty much got destroyed after one wash, while my JCrew/Uniqlo equivalents have held up nicely.  
Uh.. given the audience, pretty sure everyone here has been.   The advice I gave to my brother (who was experiencing something similar) was that the haters just wanted to knock you back down to their level due to their own insecurities.   The response I recommended him in the face of mockery was to slowly eyeball the mocker's outfit from top to bottom, don a sht eating grin and simply say "Okay."  
The other MTM Toronto threads are pretty outdated at this point, so I just wanted to see if Garrison Bespoke was still the consensus pick with regards to MTM shirting in Toronto.   Ascott Chang in NYC replied back to my pricing query and now apparently *starts* at $225 / shirt ranging to $1000+ / shirt (that is frankly insane imo). I'm assuming $225 doesn't even yield basic Thomas Mason fabrics... :(   As such, I'm now looking for alternative MTM shirt options in...
Quick question.. I've worn my West End belt pretty much daily for a year and the color has rubbed off a bit on the belt itself, giving a faded look. Would it be a bad idea to touch it up using some Saphir shoe cream in a similar color? 
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