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Yep, I want these but in a Cognac shell.
Does anyone know where I can find a pair of ptb boots in Plaza last? Preferably danite or commando sole. Not even going to be picky about whether its calf or shell!
Has anyone posted fit pics of BOM004 yet? I read this entire thread but can't recall.
In all honesty, I want nothing more to do with these guys. I got my jacket I'm happy.Just wanted to illustrate to non Torontonians why Stollery's is such a joke.Anyone have a good place to buy a pile liner for the International BTW?
Well, that was a fun experience. I decided I didn't want to wait for international delivery and wanted instant gratification so I (foolishly) returned to Stollery's.I walk in and am immediately beset by this stern looking middle aged Asian lady wearing caked on makeup.I ask her for a Barbour international jacket in size 38. Without even blinking, she replies that they're sold out. I tell her that I saw two on the racks just yesterday.She shrugs and says that she doesn't...
Hey folks! Any idea where I can get an original International in size 38? I just checked Stollerys in Toronto and they're charging ~600 bucks. Even with the current 30% promotion, that's a bit of a rip off no?
Depends on the fit
+1 for Toronto!  
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