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Can't believe I haven't asked this here yet, but I'm looking for a replacement belt for my International and don't wish to be bent over by the sellers on EBay. Any ideas?
 Thanks. I love the slubbiness of this denim and the awesome fades that come with it.   
Just some quick evo pics. PBJ XX-005 from May 2012, washed about 5 times. Reinforced stitching once.     
I think the reason no one replied is because both outfits look horribad. 
Ah, I see. Unfortunately the coat is already at the tailors so I can't measure it at the moment.
Coat is a size 38, measuring 42 inches p2p. There is no pulling on the buttons, but it fits pretty snug as I had thought it would off the stated measurements from the seller.I dropped it off at my tailor to get the chest expanded by one inch and get the sleeves slimmed down. Will post a better fit pic them.My tailor was in love with the coat, and kept murmuring "They don't make it like this anymore".
 So I received the coat and it fits decently right off the bat (excuse my daughters stuff hanging in the background!). It's in brand new condition (which is amazing given that it's from 1962) and the kersey wool lives up to the hype. It's smooth and has a great hand, unlike melton wool. If I didn't know any better, I would've guessed a wool/cashmere blend. It's a very substantial material as well with minimal lining. I might slim the arms and expand the chest by 0.5 inches. 
Uh.. I think he was referring to his username.
Try the one on the HY site.. Priced cheaper than JCrew, and its apparently made by William Lockie which would be heads and shoulders better than MIC stuff
Club Monaco (flagship location as well as Yorkdale) both carry Barbour. Although obviously their selection is not as varied as Stollery's. 
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