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Got one of the 40% off cards.. What else has everyone else been using them on? Don't really need suiting at this time.
  Well, the bowing is significant. The shoes are in immaculate condition still, but not sure if this is considered a defect or just poor fit. In any case, 99% of the people I encounter wouldn't notice the bowing anyways so I'll just keep them.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF574_1_40000000001_-1   Is this the product you're talking about? I have it in black and a light brown color.. I find that when the edge dressing dries, it flakes off in little...
Quick question.... What do people think about the DR plan- nah just kidding. I bought a pair of first quality AE Strands about three years ago from the Madison Ave store and there has been significant bowing on the sides. I THINK I read earlier in this thread that it was considered a defect but I can't find that post now. Can someone confirm? I likely have no recourse as I've worn them on and off for the last three years hoping the bowing would disappear. This is just for...
Does anyone have insight into how the Ascott Chang in NYC compares to the one in HK for pricing and quality? Also, would Ascott Chang be recommended given other MTM shirting options in the area like Turnbull and Asser?
Thanks Jay! Ordered a pair (well my brother did for my bday)
Damn, I want to love the BOM005, but the cut doesn't work for me. Thought the sizing and fit would be like the BOM004
Definitely.. always great to have more options and I've been impressed by Leaves's interaction with the SF community thus far.   Now please stock Model 80189 in a mid to deep brown! :)  
Perfect, that was the exact fit I was looking for!
Drat, thanks
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