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Salt Optics and Serrengeti come to mind. My Salt Optics say they're handmade in Japan on the side.
I'm actually not sure if I prefer my PBJ's vs the BOM005's I picked up from Jay. Both are excellent, just almost complete opposites in terms of denim characteristics.. Is. Slubbiness, weave density, drape, etc.What was wrong with your Momo fit?
Err.. Its a British brand, with a lot of items made in Turkey AFAIK.
Received my brown houndstooth Slim Walt trousers and I can already tell they're going to be a favorite. Very versatile and subtle pattern. Now to decide on the next pair... Maybe a mid grey nailhead or herringbone.
I asked a SA two weeks ago. He said its every Sept and March.
Sent you a PM!
[[SPOILER]]   Thanks for this David! Much appreciated. I'll keep lurking and waiting for my precious Delray's to go on sale. One day.. one day.
All aboard the HypeTrain!
Errrm... This thread is a bit awkward to linger in, but quick question. Will Delray's be included in the Nordstrom sale and would it also be for $219? Thx!
Whoah, that's perfect! Noob question, but is that sole easily recraftable?
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