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Hmm... called twice and emailed once to no avail. Anyone know when the brown houndstooth Slim Walts are getting restocked? Thx!
4 posts on SF, 4 posts about Burghley Bags.. hmm...
Finally received my BOM005's for my bday (thx bro!) Fantastic fit, love the tapered look. The denim itself is bleeding like a mofo, even compared to my pbj's or other deep indigo denim from n&f. Does anyone have any fade pics up yet? Anyhow off to get them hemmed now.
Can someone please chime in? Navy blue three piece suit, oxblood pin dot tie. Which one of KW's masterful pocket squares would you recommend? I'm leaning towards star chart Cellarius, but I could be biased since its just so damn cool. Not sure if it goes together with the outfit above. Thanks!
Awesome can't wait. Loved the three I bought recently from Courtney.. :)  
Agreed. My go-to slim fit chinos. Great quality and fit.
Steve McQueen
Ah thanks for the responses.   No worries.. it will still be mine. Someday...
Sorry for bumping an older thread, but this is the new grail item for me... does anyone know if Drakes ever has a general sale?   http://www.drakes-london.com/catalog/product/view/id/1325/s/iconic-four-ply-cashmere-shawl-collar-cardigan/category/39/#
Nah, it's good till May 12th. So... What else did people kop?
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