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Toronto -  V Hazelton (Borrelli, Kiton, Finamore, Bontoni, etc) as well as Holt Renfrew
Whatever happened to Mac btw? I used to love his posts in this thread...
Clicked on the link expecting some shoddy Chinese made site. Was impressed actually. I think I've seen legit sites that are set up worse.
Thanks, ordered!   I normally wear size 10D in AE shoes, 10D in Alden Plaza last, 9.5 in Barrie last and 10D in whatever last the RL Marlow Wingtip is in.    British Sporting Arms advised I take the Coniston in 9.5E UK sizing so here's hoping it's a good fit. 
 Ah good enough. Ordering now. 
Well, the Islay is gorgeous but I'm looking for a cap toe instead.
Quick questions regarding the Coniston for current owners. I've read that the leather on this particular model is 'flimsy' and light. Can anyone care to chime in on that?   Also, I'm looking to use this boot for a spring/fall type of boot since the Toronto winters would probably be too harsh. Would this feasible?   Finally, I'd probably be wearing it with chinos and denim. I've scoured Google Images for fit pics of Conistons + denim but nothing comes up. Would this...
Any idea what the pre-orders from J Gilbert are for 2014? I emailed Yenni a few days ago, but no reply yet.
 Ah.. roger. I think once you get past the basic requirement of full grain unblemished leather, it becomes subjective no? Some people would consider the buttery soft lambskin from ToJ or SLP to be the epitome of quality while others would prefer a hard wearing horse hide. Both could potentially be considered high end leather but share very little in thickness, stiffness, hand feel characteristics. edit: Futuresailors said it way better than me. lol
http://putthison.com/post/25094786416/how-to-examine-quality-in-leather-goods-part-i-i   I think the takeaway from this is that you want full grain leather as opposed to corrected grain, and you want unblemished hides without defects.
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