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Definitely navy
Woohoo.. making my first foray into ToJ land. Read about 80% of the posts in this awesome thread, came away with the following conclusions:   i) Trust Charly and do not bug them with incessant emails. ii) Calf and goat skin wear better than lamb after 2-3 years iii) Motos are better for stout figures while DR's are good for leaner figures iv) 4 zips > 2 zips (it helps to break the monotony), silver hardware > antique v) The Tumbler site has all the options available,...
 Yeah.. my buddy wore his shiny Alden shell cordovan Indy's through a Toronto winter. They became dull and lifeless after a while with the salt wreaking havoc on the oils in the shell, and Saphir Reno did nothing to help it. They would shine up briefly and then quickly revert back to the dull look.  So technically speaking they will survive a winter but they will definitely not look very good after. 
I love them on ice actually. Much better than Sorels. The Bean boot has a super thin sole that lets you 'feel' the ice much better than even my sneakers, and also has fantastic traction.
I dredged through some of the older posts on SF, but I'm not sure how relevant they are nowadays. Specifically, I'm looking for a slim fit navy wool double breasted overcoat that falls past the knees.   Now I can see that Crombie sells and makes the exact model of coat that I'm looking for, but on almost every single SF thread related to Crombie, people always warn that they're too overpriced and of poor quality. When I look for suggestions for alternatives, it looks...
Since LF seems to be the subject matter expert on fine gentlemens shoes in Toronto, any idea where one can get a pair of shoes properly resoled? Just a standard Goodyear welt.   Thanks!
Hi, sorry for the confusion. Posting while drinking = weirdness ensues. My actual chest circumference is 41.5 inches, 42 inches with a deep breath. I suppose my question is whether or not I can shift the buttons over to make up for any tightness from a peacoat that has a stated chest measurement of 41 inches (from SelfEdge). Are they accounting for layering with that measurement? 
Quick question to Mr. P-Coat...    I have a 21.5 inch chest, 22 inch chest taking a deep breath with 17.75 inch shoulders (yah yah I have narrow shoulders). I'm interested in the Buzz Rickson peacoat, but would not be layering with sweaters or anything. I usually just wear a collared shirt under my jackets so with that in mind I was thinking of snagging the size 38 (Self Edge lists it with 41 inch chest). The reason is that a size 40 has 19 inch shoulders which would...
Interesting. Regarding the weird posts of late, I suspect it's from the Reddit MFA crowd as Mike has an AMA scheduled there with direct links to this thread.   Although some of wj4's compositions exceed my own level of sartorial comfort, I really appreciate his vision and ability to push the envelope. Plus, it's always great to see EP clothing in real life situations! Rock on Wisith!
Sorry, noob question but where are the tweed fabrics on the site?
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