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 According to my records, June 26th, 2011.  Edit: Oh, that was for my 256. The 252 is from December 11th, 2012. Barely used.
  Just got my Med Travel Bag in.. family shot time!   Interesting that my 256 and 246 are both tan yet look so different. The 256 is about 2 years old and has a nice patina (can't tell from this photo though!)
 Well, I was planning on picking up a MTM Samuelsohn suit (fully canvassed, made in Canada) for roughly the same price point. How would your MTM offering compare to a Canali or Samuelsohn in terms of detail (handstitched button holes, working sleeve buttons, pick stitching, etc) or construction (full canvassing) My apologies, I'm not familiar with your brand and would like to know more.
Hi David, can you provide any details on the MTM suit construction? Thanks in advance!
Does anyone have experience with the Performance collection? From their site:   "Created for the Samuelsohn man that is always on the go, the Performance collection provides impeccable suits in lightweight cotton, wools and Loro Piana Rain System© cotton that is wrinkle free and stain resistant. The perfect collection for the travelling man, who does not want to compromise on style or fit."   Any idea how hard wearing this fabric is, or how it drapes? 
  One more vote for these.. general price range?
Maybe he finally glanced down at the fake Rolex on his wrist and realized how empty his life was, pretending to be something he was not.
Being surrounded by suits daily in the finance district, it's not that hard to tell after a while. Drape and fit are primarily what I look for. Most cheap suits have boxy, padded shoulders with low arm holes and are 'stiff' from the fusing. 
I love the contrast between the vamp and the toebox, but that welt is a bit too much for me. It overwhelms the rest of the shoe for me.
  Thanks! I'm just glad they've lightened up in color. When they first arrived, I was a bit dismayed that they were almost dark to the point of being black. Now they're clearly reddish-burgundy, and the color variation is 
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