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All aboard the HypeTrain!
Errrm... This thread is a bit awkward to linger in, but quick question. Will Delray's be included in the Nordstrom sale and would it also be for $219? Thx!
Whoah, that's perfect! Noob question, but is that sole easily recraftable?
I'm looking for a dark brown kudu or CXL leather chukka in a commando sole. Any ideas who would have this make up (if anyone)?   Thx!
  You realize Japan Blue and Pure Blue Japan are different companies right? 
Anyone know where I can find Drake's knitwear in NYC? Thanks in advance!
Uh.. so has anyone actually asked Leatherfoot yet about this discount? ;)
Damn those are jaw dropping in the sun
Fit pics of BOM005 for those interested. Apologies for the crappy iPhone camera
What the... Doh!
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