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Wow thanks for the quick responses! Cheers and happy holidays folks
A bit off topic, but I'm like 6000 posts behind and just had a quick question. What happened to cigar makeups? I know it's exceedingly rare to begin with, but its now reaching rare unicorn status! I am specifically looking for a Grant lasted captoe in cigar.
Huzzah. Bought two pairs of trousers and a cashmere scarf. Any idea who makes the scarf? It just says made in Italy, which rules out William Lockie, who apparently makes the sweaters.
Of course! I've read every post in this thread, as well as the one on Fedora Lounge, AAAC, and your stickied guide about Peacoat Dating.Knowledgeable subject matter experts like yourself, McArthur on the Alden thread, etc are the reason I return to SF.
Kopped the jacket. Realized the mannequin only has the third button done up which is why the collar looked off to me. Can't wait to finally end my search for the perfect peacoat!
 Even at 40% off, 400-600 bucks is still not going to get you much at Harry's I would suggest the Hugo Boss outlet in Vaughn Mills, Tom's in Kensington Market, or maybe even the Harry Rosen outlet in Heartland. 
Oh hey, I fully intend to pop the collar. As Peacoat has noted, I just want to avoid oversized collars that would look comical.
Perhaps, but I want to avoid looking like a vampire here I guess. This particular coat is a 1962 USN kersey wool beauty that I've been looking at. About to pull the trigger, but not sure about that collar..
Would the collar on this jacket be too big to pop?
The RMC version seems to be slimmer cut than the BR one.
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