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YMMV but the Eaton Center location has Aether outerwear at steep discount. An entire rack in various sizes too.. Not familiar with Aether, but reg price was $825 and it was on sale for $260. 
Just received my 1 time 40% off card. The disclaimer says "certain men's shoes" are excluded. Does anyone know if this extends to Rancourt loafers? I've tried calling the local sales associates in the past but they always seem unsure.
+1   The Coniston's I recently kopped are the first exposure I've had to dainite. So far, they're head and shoulders above leather, double leather, crepe, commando soles for me.   Light, comfortable, durable, with decent traction? Sign me up!
Backed the Navy gingham shirt. From most reports, it looks like the sleeves are too long for most people. Still, will give them a shot.    Btw - Kind of new to the whole Gustin thing. Is there a blog/site that details what's coming down the pipeline?
Just received my Conistons.. I LOVE THEM!!!   I ended up sizing down so 10D US became 9E UK and they're a perfect fit. Possibly even roomy but definitely no heel slip. The most comfortable pair of boots I've ever worn out of the box as well.  
Toronto -  V Hazelton (Borrelli, Kiton, Finamore, Bontoni, etc) as well as Holt Renfrew
Whatever happened to Mac btw? I used to love his posts in this thread...
Clicked on the link expecting some shoddy Chinese made site. Was impressed actually. I think I've seen legit sites that are set up worse.
Thanks, ordered!   I normally wear size 10D in AE shoes, 10D in Alden Plaza last, 9.5 in Barrie last and 10D in whatever last the RL Marlow Wingtip is in.    British Sporting Arms advised I take the Coniston in 9.5E UK sizing so here's hoping it's a good fit. 
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