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Congrats y'all... Cant wait for the fit pics
Will post pics when I'm back home, but it just looks like a factory fresh Barbour now. When I finished the waxing and before I used the blow dryer, the waxed cotton was slick and looked almost like leather however!
Just finished rewaxing my International. Holy crap my back is killing me It's a serious workout.. Ended up taking 2.5 hours, although the end result is well worth it!
Sorry for the necrobump, but for owners of Russian reindeer leather goods, how has it held up? Does the smell persist and does the leather develop a nice patina?
For all the accusations of blind sycophancy, nothing will ever beat this  
 I'm only 8 weeks in, but comparing this to my 1.5 year wait for my Aero leather jacket and my 2+ wait for some rare Alden shells, I think I can live with 50 weeks.  
Omg that site comes up like EVERY WEEK in this thread 
Yes plz
Hi Rick,   Any idea when the popup shop will be launched? Definitely interested in checking out the wares!
Anyone know if Canadians are still getting reamed ordering online due to duties/shipping?
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