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Ugh... Hopefully this impending sale of the firm doesn't affect their legendary customer service or quality. I wouldn't bet against that however... They'll probably cut corners and bank on the strength of the brand to coast a few years while production values go the way of Florsheim, Bostonian or Johnston and Murphy.
Ooh.. hoping for a nice donegal. I don't suppose you offer a suede elbow option do you?  
Better than David Clarkson for freaking 7 years...
Salt Optics and Serrengeti come to mind. My Salt Optics say they're handmade in Japan on the side.
I'm actually not sure if I prefer my PBJ's vs the BOM005's I picked up from Jay. Both are excellent, just almost complete opposites in terms of denim characteristics.. Is. Slubbiness, weave density, drape, etc.What was wrong with your Momo fit?
Err.. Its a British brand, with a lot of items made in Turkey AFAIK.
Received my brown houndstooth Slim Walt trousers and I can already tell they're going to be a favorite. Very versatile and subtle pattern. Now to decide on the next pair... Maybe a mid grey nailhead or herringbone.
I asked a SA two weeks ago. He said its every Sept and March.
Sent you a PM!
[[SPOILER]]   Thanks for this David! Much appreciated. I'll keep lurking and waiting for my precious Delray's to go on sale. One day.. one day.
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