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 Ah.. roger. I think once you get past the basic requirement of full grain unblemished leather, it becomes subjective no? Some people would consider the buttery soft lambskin from ToJ or SLP to be the epitome of quality while others would prefer a hard wearing horse hide. Both could potentially be considered high end leather but share very little in thickness, stiffness, hand feel characteristics. edit: Futuresailors said it way better than me. lol
http://putthison.com/post/25094786416/how-to-examine-quality-in-leather-goods-part-i-i   I think the takeaway from this is that you want full grain leather as opposed to corrected grain, and you want unblemished hides without defects.
Ooh, perfect! Which one would be able to provide a more modern cut? ie. less shoulder padding, higher arm holes, etc etc
Are there any online MTM places that specialize in tweed? Something like Bookster?
 Really hope he holds off closing down taking orders until I receive my jacket (probably some time in 2015 lol) to determine if the fit is good. If the fits good, I'll probably instakop another one. 
Aite, just ordered my first ToJ.. brown calf skin MDR with silver hardware.    Now the wait begins. 
 Yep, ^^^^ what he said.
 Thanks folks! I put myself on the waiting list for the cigar shell cap toe from Alden DC. No deposit, but also little to no chance of fruition. I think I was 6th or so for my size and they're getting 4 pairs for that size. 
Thanks for the response Steve
Quick question.. when getting yourself added to a waiting list for Alden boots, do you normally have to put down a deposit? Does this vary from retailer to retailer?
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