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Anyone familiar with Aero Leather knows that this jacket has top notch construction with incredible FQHH (front quarter horse hide) leather from the vaunted Horween leather tannery. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.   I bought this last summer, worn for 1 winter. I love it and wanted to grow old and die with it, but it's just way too big for me after I lost 15 lbs. I wear size 42R in suiting, and this is more for a size 44 I'd say.    No rips, stains or...
 Robin Williams passes away from apparent suicide
Bah. I ended up buying the Golden Bear leather jacket at full price. I regret nothing.
 You've got to update this post when you finally receive your jacket
@ Sinefine, Is this the black horse hide Wyatt? Was looking at this piece myself.
The sleeves do look exceedingly short for that jacket type, which sucks because the fit is spot on everywhere else.
If someone could proxy me a 38 Bedale, I'd pay you for it. PM me
Oh damn. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Has anyone posted real world pics yet of the tennis shoes? Curious to see how they compare to their infamous counterpart. Also did someone say something about horse hide?  Was that the Vanson x EP racer jacket or is there something else coming down the pipeline?
Didn't Drew post a picture of a bunch of completed jackets and mention there were four more rooms like that?
Still selling my full leather spot for what I paid. (~16 weeks in)
New Posts  All Forums: