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 Thanks folks! I put myself on the waiting list for the cigar shell cap toe from Alden DC. No deposit, but also little to no chance of fruition. I think I was 6th or so for my size and they're getting 4 pairs for that size. 
Thanks for the response Steve
Quick question.. when getting yourself added to a waiting list for Alden boots, do you normally have to put down a deposit? Does this vary from retailer to retailer?
Nice job. My BOM005's are still bleeding like a mofo, even after some solid break in time.
 Picked my peacoat up from the tailors. Wearing my thickest flannel underneath and it's still a bit roomy.     
Can't believe I haven't asked this here yet, but I'm looking for a replacement belt for my International and don't wish to be bent over by the sellers on EBay. Any ideas?
 Thanks. I love the slubbiness of this denim and the awesome fades that come with it.   
Just some quick evo pics. PBJ XX-005 from May 2012, washed about 5 times. Reinforced stitching once.     
Received my two wool trousers (flannel and worsted wool) in the new Italian cut. The cut is aggressive, but not overly slim for me. In fact, I'd say it's the best fitting pair of pants I own now and I will definitely be a repeat customer once some options are restocked.   I can see why people don't like the low rise, but it works for me and it's not too fashion forward. 
I think the reason no one replied is because both outfits look horribad. 
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