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Sorry, noob question but where are the tweed fabrics on the site?
Yeah, the offering is a good start, but I'd need at least 32 oz wool to survive in Toronto.
Raided the Madison ave store and wiped out the entire Tokyo slim 16.5 34 length sleeve column. Love the fit and construction.
http://imgur.com/a/sJQgY   All credit to Reddit user LordPoint for a pretty interesting visual guide on how Bostonian shoes are crafted.   I wonder how AE compares...
 Oooh, wait a sec.. is there a NYC store as well? I thought this was only an online venture.
TIL that the Alden Kudu is not in fact, Kudu leather. Fascinating! How does real Kudu fare in snow, salted ice conditions? Picked up the Scotch grain Alt Wiens!
 According to my records, June 26th, 2011.  Edit: Oh, that was for my 256. The 252 is from December 11th, 2012. Barely used.
  Just got my Med Travel Bag in.. family shot time!   Interesting that my 256 and 246 are both tan yet look so different. The 256 is about 2 years old and has a nice patina (can't tell from this photo though!)
 Well, I was planning on picking up a MTM Samuelsohn suit (fully canvassed, made in Canada) for roughly the same price point. How would your MTM offering compare to a Canali or Samuelsohn in terms of detail (handstitched button holes, working sleeve buttons, pick stitching, etc) or construction (full canvassing) My apologies, I'm not familiar with your brand and would like to know more.
Hi David, can you provide any details on the MTM suit construction? Thanks in advance!
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