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Price drop to $600!
Vanson x Epaulet Trident   LOVE this jacket.. it's become my go-to jacket. Crazy steal on sale too      
Up for sale is an incredible slim fitting Sheene jacket in Aero's legendary front quarter horse hide leather. Purchased in December 2014 (not even a year old) with minimal wear, no tears rips. Just in great shape.   Measurements: Chest: 22 inches Hem: 21.5 inches Shoulders: 17.5 inches Sleeves: 25 inches (measured from shoulder seam to bottom of sleeve) Body length: 27.25 inches total, 25.5 inches from bottom of collar to bottom of jacket   $750 dollars (paid over...
Good luck guys! Will def be interested!
Thanks for feedback. I actually like the fit. Keep in mind that it's fresh out of the box and it's not draping at all. ie. the jacket stands up by itself.   And uh, I like Swooc's fit. 
 As promised, some quick fit pics. I literally took it out of the shipping box and put it on and got wife to take some photos. Excuse the crappy iPhone photos and the dress hanging in the background.   
Wicked jacket man. I just received the Vanson Trident from Epaulet and am receiving the Thurston x SF Daredevil next week, but am interested in picking up an Enfield in Octagon. How does the leather compare to Z150 or FQHH?
Of note, I removed the taper that causes the 'skirt' issue that some other people commented on. I'll upload some fit pics when I get the jacket to illustrate the difference for taper vs non-tapered.
Okay.. you got me. Ordered that Trident. 
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