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Awesome fit man
Any update on the horse hide surprise? :) 
Thanks for clearing that up. How big of a difference will the waist measurement be compared to the chest measurement? This looks great to me.
To clarify, the chest size is the actual measurement? Or is the advised chest size?
Up for sale is a used Schott Perfecto style #118 classic naked cowhide leather jacket in size 40.   Pit to pit, 22"~23" Shoulder to shoulder, 19" str8 cross the zipper front length from top of shoulder to end of sleeve, str8 down, 26"~27"  length is the back from below the collar to the bottom, 24.5"   This jacket is in excellent condition (no stains, smells, tears or scratches).   This Perfecto has a quilt lining and has a bi-swing back and underarm footballs...
Only available for preorder as per the site.
Using my Google-Fu, it appears to be the sample SF x Vanson DR inspired by Junya. 
Has anyone else experienced excessive veininess in their ToJ leather?  
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