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Its happening!!!!
Quick heads up, HR2 at VM has the Filson Weekender coat in Seattle fit for $178. Jacket is a nice Bedale alternative with better fitting sleeves.
Because that he can just ignore or just stop logging into FB. On the public page of their restaurant, not as easy to ignore. You might even be able to get his coworkers to pressure him into dealing with this issue. If you have any qualms about 'bothering' his coworkers at Libertine, consider that the very establishment that they're working at is most likely funded by you. There have been a number of cases where Drew only responds when he's pressured. The instant refund...
PRIVATE messages man. Like attn: Drew stuff.
 https://www.facebook.com/LibertineSeoul You can send him private messages through here I believe. Don't debt collectors normally show up at your workplace anyways? 
This is the best line of the day
 Not saying you have to actually go through it. But it at least gives you some leverage to open a dialogue with Drew. 
 My point is that he responds quickly to people who have leverage on him and blissfully ignores everyone else. 
 He runs a restaurant, an establishment that lives or dies with public reviews/opinions.  It's a dirty move, but one of the few times I saw someone get their refund processed was when the guy threatened him with a chargeback. 
http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=33028686 I have this one.. it's pretty nice. Leather is substantial enough and it's more of a fashion jacket than something like Vanson/Aero/etc. Their line with CM is pretty slim fit.. Edit: Just remembered I actually have a fit pic from the CM thread.  [[SPOILER]]
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