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New Tom Ford Aviators (Magnus)....see pics for style #/, only tried on by me. I can't seem to get away from my Ray-Bans! $98 shipped U.S.
Waist: 17 5/16 to 3/8" Thigh: 11” Knee: 9” Ankle: 9” Length: 32”
Price cut
$99 shipped $89 shipped U.S. SOLD
I'm not big on sunglasses, but I suddenly find myself wanting a pair. I'm looking for something more classic and ran across this old pic of Capone who's wearing the exact style I had in mine. Can anyone suggest a similar style by Ray-Ban, Persol, or any of the better quality makers? Thanks in advance for the help... 
Just saw 9.5's now available
Orvis has these on clearance for under $150...
FINAL DROP before ebay...
Price Drop
New old true to size. Don't know the name of the model but included a pic of the shoe's interior [shows last, model #, etc] $159 SHIPPED U.S.>>>>$139 SHIPPED U.S.>>>>>FINAL DROP $119 SHIPPED U.S.
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