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I hate eating out alone. Pretty much because there is nothing to do: I tried bringing a book and that felt awkward, tired it with nothing and ended up texting people the whole time. Sucks because none of my friends are into fine dining.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude yeah but shot at big law nowadays only means T14. or at least around there. law has more of a pecking order than compared to other professions. so if you cant get into the "good" schools, then your "shot" is not even really there. thats the misconception with law schools in general. This is true and I agree, I should have clarified that I was referring to T14 schools.
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor You have a 3.9 at a state school, unless your state school is UC Berkeley or Cornell, I'm pretty sure you didn't bust your ass. Difficulty and quality of education is irrelevant to the discussion. The point was that as a liberal arts major in good standing what (if any) are the legitimate options besides law school? And if there are none, then "rolling the dice on Law" is not that much of a gamble as the...
As with many things context is key: for a 10:00 tee time a few liquor drinks before lunch would be legitimate. Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I rarely drink before noon, but have been known to have the odd drink out with a hearty lunch, or something light with a brunch (Champagne and Lillet Red is a favorite).~ H Hows that work? 1 part Lillet, 2 parts Champagne?
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent You forget what makes being a lawyer attractive for most people. We are all fucking English majors and shit. There is literally NO room for upward advancement. Lets assume, A and B. A has a liberal arts degree and works in HR or something; he starts out at maybe 35k? And over time could probably move to make 55k a year; lets average his salary at 45k a year. B on the other hand has a law degree from a decent...
While I cannot speak for formal business situations, never have I encountered or heard of a situation where ordering a cocktail for dinner would be abnormal or a faux pas (lunch may be a different matter altogether.) A glass of bourbon with a good meal should never be ruled out completely. If you are not paying for your portion of the meal it might be more polite to go along with others orders, such as trying the bottle the rest of your group ordered (you could...
PreWO: Scoop of ON Whey Gold and Animal Pak Multi Post: Banana and another scoop of ON Whey Need to get some fish oil, waxy maize, and creatine.
My Top 3: 1. Gator Hammock - personal favorite usually available at firehouse subs, made in Felda, FL. 2. Sriracha -new standby 3. Tabasco - old standby
So the general consensus is that HYS (with no money) are still legitimate avenues to pursue prosperity, correct?
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