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From your short situation description here are some things I noticed (may or may not be right.) 1-You want a higher paying job then your current employment. (duh.) 2-You would like to use your college degree to leverage this. 3-You could care less whether this career jump involves the practice of sociology. (A guess.) 4-I really hope you have some great job prospects when you get the graduate degree in a jobless undergrad field. Assuming the above are somewhat...
The problem with hard liquor is it's too person specific; without knowing them intimately you could easily make a misstep. Luckily wine and champagne are more universally accepted and almost cannot fail (check religion). A nice bottle combined with the payment of lunch or preferably dinner would be perfectly friendly and appropriate. Also, you may want to consider following up with a thank you note.
I get up at 5:30 to workout at 6:00 five days a week. It works fine after you get into a rhythm, but outside factors can easily make you justify hopping back into bed. Might want to look into a stim product. For instance; I like Animal Pump by Universal Nutrition.
$10 says Jackie Chan has never worn a purse. (I'm pretty sure he's like the king over there.)
"Assholes Finish First" by Tucker Max Trust me this will be a big hit with the ladies. -Make sure and point it out specifically to the feminists and your boss, they'll really appreciate Max's novelty and charm.
Played golf on Sunday, seven people in our gangsome. Don't remember anything past the 13th Hole, and a cart broke down, but a good time was had by all. The imbibements of choice were JD single barrel and John Daly's (with Chick-Fil-A Lemonade/Sweet Tea mix.)
While I have never "lived" in a Yankee city, I did live in London for three months and was generally miserable, and would imagine it to be much the same. -The lack of a horizon line was depressing me at the time, though I only realized this later. -Western North Carolina is God's country, and if I pray hard enough hopefully I can find a high paying job there. -Tallahassee would be pretty close to perfect if it could sustain a decent restaurant. R.I.P. Mon...
I like my Polo stuff better, but FYI: chicks in Tuscaloosa go crazy over this shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino My favourite hot sauce is Pain Is Good's Jamaican Hot Sauce: habaneros, pineapple juice, lime juice and jerk spices. Great with ribs! +1 I don't care how many black people they put on the bottle, "Pain is good" sauce is really good. I like to use it to kick up the heat and flavor of fresh salsas I think are too mild.
I attempted to write a conclusive answer to your question and then realized that I am nowhere near articulate to pull it off. So I would direct you to George Mavrodes "Religion and the Queerness of Morality." While not a perfect answer, it would seem to pose some criticisims against your statement. (Now to move slightly off topic What I would like to address and find discourse on, is the ethical ideas surrounding the "Train Situation" example you provided. For...
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