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Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder One of the things that is funniest about all this is that wearing a suit, especially a decent, well-fitting one, really does get you better treatment almost everywhere. I can see how this might be particular true for you but it applies across the board. Of course, you have to couple this with the right attitude. You can't come across as a demanding jerk. But it is amazing to me how with a little bit of humor and...
Something I find interesting is how many here who consider wearing a hat indoors to be bad etiquette, feel perfectly at ease asking others to remove their hats – a far more serious breach in my understanding.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff I often don't bother. So sue me. I also rest my elbows on the table. Some rules of manners make sense. Some are just stupid and exist mainly so aristocrats could look down on uncivilized heathen. Those are the ones I don't give a shit about. For those decrying the younger generation's abandonment of the rule, deal with it. It's a social convention, and a silly one at that. Those can change, and often...
Finally hit my 405 deadlift today. -Need to eat more; my weight gain is plateauing at 184.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Jesus: How could anyone even begin to question the legitimacy of Quidditch? It has just as much a right to be an official sport as freeze tag or Marco-polo. Plus I'll be they can get some title 9 funding for the all women division: Hollyhead Leauge -[bad HP joke]
For those that do not, why? Can you just not be bothered?
Sounds weird but: spicy food and hot sauces
Hot Stone Crab. Hand cracked at home. Melted butter. Mustard Sauce. On a hot summer afternoon: Lemonade
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Me too. I think it comes down to this is how my father taught me a man was to behave towards women. There's a perception among a lot of guys my age that women resent this kind of treatment but I have never gleaned that from their reactions. Much more common is women who notice and comment about what a gentleman I am. And the fact that women are doctors and lawyers and enjoy equal rights in our society doesn't...
Thanks to Archer I now regularly enjoy a Tom Collins with Hendricks. The key to these is fresh ingredients. When the Derby rolls around it'll be Mint Julep time.
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