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I’ve been interested for a while in trying out Darcy’s Stiff front shirts and detachable collars for black tie events. I had thought of trying both sizes of their wing collar. Should I not bother and just go with the higher one? Also does anyone have recommendations for a starched turndown collar for black tie? The Ede and Ravenscroft one looks OK, but I’m unsure how the bow tie knot would look.
My Recs: J Sheeky The Ivy L’Escargot All excellent. The Dover sole from Sheeky is one of the best things that has ever entered my mouth.
Yes, I would be interested as well. Such a polarizing topic.
Yes, I admit to have spoken too soon. As Floridian I have a knee-jerk reaction to perceived insinuations about Florida “becoming more Northern the farther South you go.” My apologies.To the Provincialisms, I had no such intention –the posts I recalled reading were from primarily Canadian and Asian households. Perhaps I gauged the responses wrong? It seemed a great deal of people responded in the affirmative for shoe removal.As for the hospitality: I commented particularly...
Perhaps this is true South of Ocala, but ironically I happen to reside in North Florida.(Almost South Georgia but still.)And it is to that region I am referencing - where it is certainly not the “norm.”
I’m noticing a theme throughout many of these posts. It seems Southerners are much less concerned then Northerners and/or foreigners about shoe removal in houses.Some hypotheses:1.Northern States which have a larger influx of inclement “dirty” weather and higher concentrations of immigrants more deeply focus this cultural norm.2.Southern hospitality places the position of the guest above the host.3.Being in a hotter climate and being less prone to wear socks, Southerners...
700+ people? What a bloody nightmare for your new wife’s dominant hand. That’s over 700 personalized thank you notes! If she has a day job she might finish in three years.
If you are really hung up about not offending the groom: call the bride (or her mother) for clarification – which she will provide (God help us if she agrees with him). This will also benefit other guests who may have been thwarted by an ill informed groom, whom may be able to be corrected in time.
Heck yes. The man is the Tom Knapp of cocktails. His French 75 and Tom Collins recipes are what got me started on gin. Unfortunately his recipes have also ruined me for the average swill that passes for a decent drink around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Peak lapel One button Grosgrain lapel No vent This is my tuxedo Where to buy? I am having trouble finding one like that.
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