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+1They go far and beyond the needs of the average monocle wearer. Well worth the trip.
I basically have those things (by South-Eastern standards anyway.)So: I should just send out resumes and hope I kill the interview?
How can you use a History degree to break into IB?
That French 75 with gin (and a twist) is probably my favorite drink at the moment. My Mother is the only person I have met so far that prefers it with cognac.
Where does one purchase a sash these days?
Thanks for pointing that out, looks like you had a blast. Did you end up going to a bullfight?
If all goes well I plan to visit my friend studying in Madrid this summer for three to four days. I was hoping some people on here would have some good ideas for lodging, food, fun things to do, and travel tips. I would love to hear about the “can’t miss” places and things to do in Madrid. Could really include anything, from opera to clothing stores. My tentative budget (in dollars) is: 1500 for the plane ticket 800 for three nights in a good hotel 600 for...
So you basically want to throw a medium sized formal dinner party. Some considerations: -Try to make sure everyone you invite has access to a black tie rig. -Send out written invitations at least 2 weeks in advance –ask them to RSVP but follow up with those who don’t. -List the starting time of the party and dinner time. (7:00 and then 8:00 is a good time for dinner.) -Should be clear the event is black tie. – “Black Tie Preferred” is probably best. -Break out the...
The Martini or the Slurry?
Try it when you’re only 22 and in the company of much older adults who never stray farther from their comfort zone then a whisky-ginger.I attempted to get my order in quick and painlessly.Hendricks, 4 to 1, Stirred with a twist.No dice. I was thoroughly mocked for being pretentious.Ah well, the agony of trying to avoid a salty vodka slurry.
New Posts  All Forums: