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For what it's worth: the traditional practice was for the Groom to purchase the ties for his groomsmen as a gift. +1 on sticking with common wedding ties, even that will give you a good bit of wiggle room:
Would that be dark enough?
Having trouble finding a brown jacket that matches the one below worn by forum member Doc Holiday. A big problem is I can't really match the material or weave to anything I've seen in person or on ebay, the outside lighting is throwing me off a bit. Anyway, much appreciated if you can point out where to find one like it or just the material/weave/color. Same for the tie -can't tell if it's more red or brown.
There is this great recipe for a special vegetarian “garden party” cake floating around here somewhere. Now you can eat cake every day!
I plan on being a guest to a good number of Debutante Balls in the coming year (a female family member is débuting), and would be interested to hear from anyone who has attended one recently. Unfortunately they will all be black tie, so no tails. Hilarious stories involving debauchery are always welcome, as are other recommendations.
I get that now, but until very recently I had no real idea that one could be considered for a financial position without financial schooling. It was just literally never mentioned around me. That’s what surprised me when History was possibility for IB.
I am graduating soon with a History degree, and from my point of view right now the future looks like law school, teaching, or be homeless. I am kicking myself for not trying to double major in accounting/finance/economics.
sweet or dry vermouth in Rome with a view?
I guess it depends on what you mean by quality.I bought one about 5 years ago at an outlet – white linen. It was nice enough for what it was; I do recall the pant hem fraying rather quickly. It’s not a piece you will want to plan on owning for years to come.Eventually my brother wore it out and spilled a glass of wine on the pants. I was not overly distressed. Take that how you will.
This is actually a common misconception about average monocle wearers, or AMWR’s (pronounced: am-wor’s.) In reality though an AMWR is neither evil nor greedy. Furthermore you might be surprised to find that the AMWR is actually a very caring and giving individual.On the other hand how many people with eye patches have you seen save a bus load of children? If the answer is zero, you should consider donating to the ANWR Society for a Better Sight Picture of Tomorrow in One...
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