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I'm having trouble changing my avatar. I get this: Quote: Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file. EDIT: I see Kent Wang has had trouble, too.
Oh, and if people were concerned at all about the collar tips being too short, here's a (crappy) pic of the collar with a (skinny) tie. I personally like the short tips. It looks well-balanced to me.
I got a 15. The fit is very good. As you can see there is a liiiitle bit of extra fabric in the chest, but that's just my 36" chest not quite filling it all out. The neck is just a bit big, which is slightly odd, because my other Kent Wang shirt is plenty snug (I'm going to post a picture of that shirt, too, at some point). Of course, things will even out a bit in the wash. The sleeve length good, and the overall length is better for tucking. The fabric is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious_George Any Engineer jackets left in small? Yes (as of 4:00 yesterday, that is). That's what I went in there to get, but as timpoblete alluded to in the second post, the fit on the Bedford was too good to pass up.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Mediums sold out in the Bedford Small sold out, too!
You're exactly right. Boxer-briefs are useless. The boxer-brief love has always been confusing.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion That's hilarious.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor stop complaining about baggy trouser fit. if you had payed attention to past threads you should know how to buy trousers. forget the waist size number on the tag. pick the trouser that fits your seat then have the waist let out. for those that have the opposite problem take in the waist. So true.
+1 on the Honda Fit. But make sure to get the standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kane I really like the ampersand (&) that you used on your 'Dunks and Hot Girls' tee. What is it? Yeah, just blow up the "&" and make a tshirt out of that.
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