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Quote: Originally Posted by Serg I'd say the LVC looks the best. They just really need to be hemmed. Slightly fuller leg is best for super skinny guys. Except if they're short, like our friend (and like my legs). Then, a slim leg with help lengthen their appearance. I would agree with Skunkworks that the 5EPxSF looks the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by itskub should i let this go as one of those 'welcome to new york city' lessons..? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I posted awhile ago about this great new brand Wellensteyn www.wellensteyn-usa.com that we are carrying. This collection and product is unbelievable. We have sold out of almost every category we ordered and have added extra pieces like the Siberia, which was featured in Esquire. If you can visit a local retailer to experience this product, you will be amazed. They do have a store locator page on their web...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Why do you tuck your shirt into your underwear? To avoid staining your underwear, of course.
aportnoy shops at TJ Maxx.
Phew. At least he's out of the AL.
Sounds like Ima hafta get back over there, soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance How are the prices at Bobby's? Is this new clothing or is it some kind of thrift shop? It's not true thrift-store-cheap, but I wouldn't way it's over-priced, either, especially since so much of the items are so carefully chosen. I mean, who wouldn't pay a bit more just to avoid wading through crap a la Garment District? Nothing is new, but a lot of it is New-Old-Stock.
South End. Really interesting stuff. EDIT: And I can't believe you've never heard of this place, either!
Where's Vintage Gent?
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