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A tightly-tied, obnoxiously symmetrical Half-Windsor (with the rare FIH thrown in). With a dimple.
Umm... are we taking dopey's bid seriously or not?
The flu.
Man, he's good, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Do you guys REALLY care more about authenticity and how the jeans reflect your lifestyle than you do about the aesthetics? This is fashion after all... I think you are seeing more and more people answering "yes" (Authenticity > Fashion).
Quote: Originally Posted by amlai Haha... It seems like all of our 5EPxSF jeans look absurdly alike... does that mean that all of us wearing 5EPxSF's look like clones? Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix I am not sure about the 5EP X SF jeans, but for the 5EP SDZ, there is a dominant green hue throughout the jean. I have yet to see the purple or gray. That's true of the SFs, too. Very dominant green/turquoise, which really pops at the stress points where the darker indigo colors comes off.
Mid-90s. Among other things... baseball cap, most likely Tigers or Yankees, mostly forward, with generous curving of the bill tee-shirt, at least 2 sizes too large flannel shirt, unbuttoned, also very large, sometimes with sleeves rolled up wide-leg, JNCO-style jeans, often with large holes in the knee, sometimes with flannel pajama pants underneath, up to 6" too large in the waist braided leather belt, too big so that the end would hang to mid-thigh for the...
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ You could use some more empathy. Some people (particularly women) will feel apprehensive about going to a strangers home to confront them. That's not unusual. Your apartment management sounds like mine. They say if I don't go talk to the neighbor, I can call the police but they're not going to do anything. I don't like it either but if you want to rock out with impunity, move to a single family dwelling. I think they...
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