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Get the 30. Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan The cloth waistband in my experience does little to prevent any stretching. My R&B have stretched out like any other jean. +1 I was hoping that the cloth would help prevent stretching. Buuuuuuuuuut no.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sphinx2222 Awesome! I normally wear 38s, but this one ran a 36r, but for some reason it fit me very nicely - but wearing it over a shirt makes it a bit tight though - still looks good on the outside You've done the right thing, especially for a SF n00b. I used wear mostly 38, too, but it's just wrong, and now I pretty much insist on 36 now.
I've never done that, but I've thought about if a few times. I mean, hey, I have a narrow foot, so shouldn't the trees at least approximate my proportions? At the moment they're just putting more pressure on the wrong places (vaguely, the sides) and not enough on the right places (for me, the toe box). Am I right?! *rocks back and forth repeatedly*
Quote: Originally Posted by redtree00 Brazilian wax and commando. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell I was about to bust out the ti-83...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris So I was figuring 21" + (.75" x 4) = 44". Wait, what?
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor I'm having trouble changing my avatar. I get this: Quote: Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file. Any update?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Well, that settles that. Next. Yup. SO glad we don't have to talk about it anoymore.
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