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Quote: Originally Posted by j I think a perfect length would be just above or at the knee. It won't look stupid in a few years when the short trench trend dies off. Yes, although I don't think it should necessarily be strictly knee-length. And yeah, I think avoiding trend-for-trend's-sake thing is probably a good idea. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Bah. The difference between mid-thigh to knee is what,...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini if you want a classic length, get a classic trench. I don't really want a classic trench. And I'm not really even talking classic length, just a liiiiiiiiitle bit longer to help mitigate the wet pants syndrome. It's funny, for all those concerned with functionably water-resistant fabric, what's wrong with having a more functionably water-resistant length?
It's like you guys enjoy getting wet...
Practice. Once you start getting the right length, you'll be able to "eye" the right pre-knot setup.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin So it looks like everyone just wants a classic trench, cut slim, and somewhat short. To add, I'd also like to see a caped back, similar to one in who's picture, but much simpler and plain. I also would not like to see full waxed cotton version (that's a lot of wax!) Barbour's doing one for F/W08 anways. I think that if we are talking about something that would be good for wearing in the rain (i.e. protect...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan IDK whether or not this is true but I read that trenchcoats are more for light rain...they really arnt water resistant...mac coats on the other hand are made for a downpour Yeah, it seems that we are asking for a Mac, which sounds good to me.
I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on the YMC Mac (now that my size seems to have fallen off the face of the earth), part of which can be seen on the front page of New Dandyism (but is no longer available on that site). So something like that might be nice, as long as it's slim and water-resistant. A check pattern would be good. And I might like something a liiiiiitle bit longer, so as to help deflect a downpour away from the knees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Tonality. I prefer atonality.
May 7 Relevant to my life... 1833 - Johannes Brahms, German composer (d. 1897) 1840 - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer (d. 1893) Also cool... 1933 - Johnny Unitas, American football player (d. 2002) Other... 1950 - Tim Russert, American television host
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