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Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell We are planning to do a trench that would be released in and around early April
Dude, sort this out will you.
This is cute.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank See the trailer here: 21 Trailer That shop is unmistakable. Not only that, but the not-so-subtle J. Press signage in the "backroom" scene at :36-:37. Seems aggressive for J. Press, eh?
This thread is already awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by unpainted huffheinz I voted based on who I thought could use the $50 the most. How could you? I wasn't a finalist!
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton That's a great tie, CT. But ... black punch caps with a tweed jacket? In my defense, black shoes are required for professional singers on Sundays...
Selected items: Carl Sterr sportcoat Zileri Tie ? for Drinkwater's Pocket Square Lai for Drinkwater's Belt (not exactly shown) Nagrani Socks CJ for Polo (Benton) Shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by denning Braidkid's thrifted Fillipa K trench was the first thing that popped into my mind. See, that's close to the length I'd be hoping for. Between mid-thigh and true knee-length.
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