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And chest?
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Kids called them fag tags in the Northeast too. That's right. That was the first thing I thought of when I read the original post.
That's pretty much exactly what I want at the moment, except that if it fit me, it would also fit you and you wouldn't be selling it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo There's a Back Bay Filenes Basement just around teh block from Louis. Might as well pop in. It doesn't have as wide a mess of stock as the Downton Crossing one, and it doesn't have the automatic markdown system, so none of that "buried treasure" experience, but probably worth a wlak through I also dropped by there yesterday. It's not exactly Downtown Crossing for volume, but unlike Washington St., it...
Quote: Originally Posted by horton right now and for the last couple weeks it's been a dud Yeah, I just was there yesterday, and as their suits go, it was kind of rough. Chock full of low-rung stuff, and the higher stuff was kinda weird and/or gathering dust. I think they're having a suit sale next week, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade There are 9Es up now. Or not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo probably wouldn't work, though maybe with an insole. Where are you in Cambridge? I have a pair of 9Es at my apartment (Harvard Square area) that i plan to send back once my cheaper 9.5s arrive. PM me if you want to meet up to try them on. I'm near the square, too.
I wear a 9C in most AEs. Would the 9E work at all? I'm thinking the extra room would drive me nuts, especially toward the back.
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no I hope this isn't considered bad form, but I am suspending sale of the Barba's to see if my tailor can let these out enough for me. If he cannot, I will re-institute the sale. Apologies for the change of heart. Naw, man, those rule. You do yo thang. But now we will be expecting pics of the finished product, on you.
I'll take the Pink tie. PM sent.
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