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Let me know when you have any more of these bad boys... I may take four of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Here is the Tremlett tie. I love English silk. The blade of this one is 2.6 wide. I am keeping it for myself. I like that one...
Is the waist on those Wranglers 32" or 34"?
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Side vents keep your ass allways covered... Now if you have a nice one and want to show it, take center vent Which reminds me: does a center vent make the skirt of one's coat somewhat resemble an ass? Or is that just me?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 BTW, if you are 15.5 and want an amazing deal on a NWT Borrelli formal shirt with spread collar, PM me. Not meaning to hijack the thread, and without having introduced myself at all... Do you have a picture of this shirt?
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