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They look fantastic. Tan may not be my thing, and I think I'll hold out for darker monks. The buyer just made a nice pickup.
PM sent...
Free suits rewl!
Measurements on #11, please? Eh?
Is the Corneliani jacket gone? Is the chest measurement on that sucker really 39"?
5'8" - 9 or 9.5 Is somebody graphing this stuff?
The white and eggshell 38s don't happen to have double-cuffs, do they?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang By popular demand I'm going to start producing these again; they should be available in two weeks. But may I ask what you plan to do with four of the same square? I'm getting married in September , and this might be part of the gift to the groomsmen.
How do Paul Stuarts run? If they run ever-so-slightly big, there is quite a selection of 9Ds...
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