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ww90, what size are you?
zomg lolz OK, so something I had been looking for at a good price for months just went on sale. It was a need, I swear! Yes, I broke first. (Lame.) But, I'm back in for the rest of the month!
4.4 miles, mostly along the Charles River, and most of which was with my wife and sister-in-law (who did 3 miles further ). 42:10.
*sniff* *sniff* Smells dumb in here...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Hey, we have one of those, although she's only 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Except that poll is now inaccurate. This one never will be.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade I totally understand and support the decision, J. only now I fear we'll never learn The Truth. Of course, that was unlikely anyway. I'm going to resist the mighty temptation to list all the inconsistencies on both sides... must... resist... There. I'm better now. Carry on. Doooooo iiiiiiiiit...
"Carpenter" is still a word in the English language?
Get the 30. Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan The cloth waistband in my experience does little to prevent any stretching. My R&B have stretched out like any other jean. +1 I was hoping that the cloth would help prevent stretching. Buuuuuuuuuut no.
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