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Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 An easy one, but why not:
I'll be 30 tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex It is all good,my only concern is that the jacket is short,but I guess I will live with. Begs the ol' question... does it cover yo' ass?
I'm sure they asked about the vent situation. Jackets with side vents are much more of a pain in the ass to take in (or let out, for that matter), and tailors will charge more for that reason.
Re: Thrift stores' firm prices... When you see a garment that you like, but you are balking somewhat at the price, inspect the garment for flaws. We're talking thrift stores here, so there is often a flaw (small moth hole here or there, rip in the lining, slight seam damage, etc.), and if it isn't marked "as is" or something, you should point it out to them. It's something that you should be checking anyway, for your own good, of course. Often, costing less than...
I tried it once, for a recent series of concerts. I did a solid navy suit with a nice white button-down non-dress shirt. Though people said it looked nice, some people commented that it had a certain... (ahem)... "presidential" feel...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I just want to note that women have a different take on these things than we do. To them, black shoes and anything navy above is just wrong. They would have to wear either navy shoes, or conversely keep the black shoes but wear black clothes. They cannot be made to understand that it is different for men. I was just going to try to explain this. The key issue in the OP is that the "talk" is being given by...
Quote: Originally Posted by RunningBeagle Life, liberty, and property. The time is NOW for panic.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Never mind. I see that Obama is likely to win. Are you high?
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