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More love for 5EP. 5EPxSF. The denim makes me weep for joy. (I'll post pics at some point...) The fact that I just blew them out two weeks ago makes me weep in sadness.
Quote: Originally Posted by rogerm My sister looks just like Jessica Alba, so when people speak about her it grosses me out. Even looking or hearing about her in any way sexual makes me want to vomit. Pics or gtfo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy Ignoring the fact that this thread is for American politicians, here's my submission... Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Just watch me.
OK, everybody. Pics or GTFO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota pube Threads like this is why I don't tell my friends about, you know, StyleForvm. +1 (Is this thread "dumb" enough yet?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Axelman 17 An easy one, but why not:
I'll be 30 tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex It is all good,my only concern is that the jacket is short,but I guess I will live with. Begs the ol' question... does it cover yo' ass?
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