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Need more business attire, and being young, I find enjoy wearing these suits/jackets. Thanks!
Hey all, I've been looking everywhere in Manhattan and have not been able to find slim dress shirts in 15.5x36. Does anyone have any ideas of where to look, or will I have to have shirts made for them to fit properly? Thanks
Fair enough. I'd prefer for the jackets to have high armholes to have a slim fit. As for pants, I'm looking for a flat front. Budget-wise, I'm looking to spend no more than 500 for an exceptional suit but would prefer the 300 range. I'm flexible depenidng on the piece. Thanks
Hello all, I'm looking to pick up some suits and/or jackets for work. I recently finished university and start work soon which means I need to start building my professional wardrobe. Thanks
And I'll take 22
PM sent on the Sz 34 Khakis with blemishes.
Hey guys, I'm a rising sophomore in college and have decide that it is time to get a proper suit for interviews and social functions. I've read through a lot of the forum archive so I've become more familiar with the terminology and designers. The only problem is that this is my first suit so I'm still fairly uninformed. My question is: What designer/brands should I be looking for if I'm looking for a more modern, slender and classy suit. I'm just under 6'4" and weigh...
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