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Ah f*ck that is class. Not my size, but this one would have made it very difficult for me to resist.
Top 10 later.
Also measurements would be good.
He's in the NY area though. Any recommendations for a good cobbler/ craftsman in Atlanta?
Thanks for the name.
Noob questions on shoes: One, I have acquired a pair of Lobbs that may need resoling/ re-heeling in a year or so, or I may preempt that and put in a double sole/ new heels before time anyway. Are there reputable cobblers who will do that in the US, without my having to send the shoes to England? Two, who would you recommend in the US? Anyone in the Atlanta market? (I ran a few searches on the forum, Bennie's was a name that came up, so feedback from anyone who has...
One would hope that after the OP's 1000 posts and 4 plus years on this forum, this is just an unforeseen, soon to be rectified issue.
Still no 17-32 slim. Oh well........
Thanks for the heads up.
Not sure if this is relevant here but I just got this message from eBay: Here are a few important updates to the eBay Buyer Protection Policy: To make sure returned items are delivered correctly, sellers are required to maintain a valid and current return address on file. You can update your return address online via My eBay by selecting Account > Addresses, then clicking Change next to the Primary return address field. For items that are event tickets listed...
New Posts  All Forums: