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Measurements all round would be nice including shoes. Nice cardigans.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR You can also sort each column within the google doc. Its also possible to view all 351 pairs within 1 spreadsheet instead of mutlpile sheets. just received the shipping notice via email I've never managed to get good docs to sort efficiently, not that it matters because one method is as good as another.
Quote: Originally Posted by toslat I would suggest the seller simply deletes (or hides) shoes that are no longer available from the list, making the list easier to browse and manage. You could also download or copy the list on to excel and sort by your size, then drill down into what you want. Takes 10-15 minutes. Of course the list could change, but it's a start.
Measurements on the 44? Thanks.
Speaking of which, just saw this 9.5, Martina Chukkas for The Rider boot company, BIN $159.99 or make an offer. I do love chukkas.
^^ BIN seems to be gone....
Added Filson Extra Large Duffel. Now then.
^^^ WTF is your problem?
Drops on the Large Carry On - get your Filson naooooooooooooooooooooow!!!
Length and width? Thank you.
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