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Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Please elaborate. Or else you do know about TCing right?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Introduced by Ron Rider (a forum members), they don't have a large market. I would say most of the clients are forum members. Thanks for the answer, much appreciated. In other words, no seconds and not many chances of lower priced shoes for cheap-asses like me.....
Beautiful, scary story.
^^ This brand rarely comes up on eBay (at least the 3-4 times I have checked). Wonder why. Pity, though.
So are the two 5% bumps applicable to the 400 Euros, or is the 400 Euro price after the two 5% bumps?
How much did it go for, anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Yeah. Amazing shoes, if they were 10.5 they wouldve been gone in a heartbeat. 8.5-9 and I would have taken both.
Is the Alden Plaza Last TTS or does it run large (so an 8 would be an 8.5)? Measurements would be good as well.
Lovely shoes the Moras. At 8.5 EEE- 9D/E I would have kopped this straight, but suspect I will have the same problem as the OP; the Moras are a wide last.
Lovely shoes as usual, Qelsem.
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