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I likes the Bluchers; 8.5 D and they would have been mine.
Somehow, the monk straps I want never seem to come in my size. Good stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by Enema He sold me an excellent Borrelli shirt las month and came superfast . He is member of this forum. Banned so quickly...wappen?
Lenght /width measurements on the 8E? Thanks.
Not good.
BB Peal & Co loafers for BIN ~$180 including shipping, size 11, NIB, second Seller has another one in size 12.
7.5-8E UK and I would have been all over this one.
Drop on the Pullman. Thanks for the offers. The duffel is SOLD. Keep 'em coming.
Drops on the duffel. Make me some offfers, EVEN LOWBALL OFFERS. EVERYTHING WILL BE CONSIDERED.
New Posts  All Forums: