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Can't see anything, right click or nowt.
John Lobb double monk strap "JL 2010". Dark Brown Museum calf. 7E UK. Here we go again. Another 'gift' that he's received.
The Cordovan chukkas would fit large, right? Any measurements? I'm in the there and thereabouts in size for all these shoes, damn!
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos In the US, a lot of people tend to be very wary around outliers. If you're too far away from the norm in any particular area, you'll earn scorn and lose trust. It's not quite as bad as the "Tall Poppy Syndrome" I've seen in places like Australia, but it's pretty prevalent here. The US is the ultimate peer-pressure society. It's ironic, given how the country was founded, that conformity is so highly valued here. But...
To answer OP, hoarder compared to whom? Compared to some SF forumers, no. Compared to most of the world, yes. Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis I wouldnt be ashamed, I have like 4x as many shoes as my girlfriend. Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousMarquis that's why you're here. You may have a different problem.
The gift that keeps on giving, apparently.
Measurements, if possible? Thanks.
What, is she just going to stand there or bend over at some point?
^^ That'll do as well.
Dude, far as I know you cannot bump your own thread without a 5% drop. Unless SWD is different from other B&S forums. So congratulations, you just dropped 25% off all your prices.
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