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This is teh absolute sex. Measurements?
5% I think.
This must have been asked many times but I can't find the answer, so here goes. Shirt sizing - how is it done? What is meant by a 17/ 43 (for example) shirt? Is 17 (in inches?) the circumference of the neck? What is 43? When someone selling a shirt says it is 17/ 43 should I ask for more measurements, such as p2p, BOC length as I would for a jacket? A link on SF explaining all of that would also be great. As always, thanks for your time.
This is an 8.5 US?
Size and measurements?
These would be a US 9.5? Measurements would be good.
Yeah, I've seen these. Wondering if the TK has only the one inner compartment, or does it have multiple, 'photographable' sections ? Much obliged.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Please elaborate. Or else you do know about TCing right?
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Introduced by Ron Rider (a forum members), they don't have a large market. I would say most of the clients are forum members. Thanks for the answer, much appreciated. In other words, no seconds and not many chances of lower priced shoes for cheap-asses like me.....
Beautiful, scary story.
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