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Measurements, if possible? Thanks.
What, is she just going to stand there or bend over at some point?
^^ That'll do as well.
Dude, far as I know you cannot bump your own thread without a 5% drop. Unless SWD is different from other B&S forums. So congratulations, you just dropped 25% off all your prices.
Will someone buy those black chukkas and put me out my misery?
Pity - I am an 8.5EE don't suppose the Moras would fit me....
Very nice shoes - in this and the previous thread- and at very nice prices too. Those Trickers are teh business but I'm all shooed out for now. Unless you have a Lobb in the same sizes you're planning to sell?
Pics of the EG sole and measurements? Thank you.
Cheers, shoes are not my size but thanks for the info.
Epic thread, your shoe bender. What's your shoe size?
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