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^^ I could be interested in the Lobbs too; better pictures than the ones in the ebay listing would help. Cheers.
Free bump - great pair of shoes, great seller.
Question to OP: Emsley 7/7.5E - I am assuming that the shoes is a 7.5E in US sizing? Edit: I guess it is. Further edit: Only one around my size, and that one I don;t like, thank gawd.
F*ck me running.
Ok I can see them now. Noice.
^^ Exactly...
Cheers. Too tight for me, I'm afraid.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 OOOOOOh! looking at the Vass! Big Timer! By the way, how did those Lobbs work for you. Small timer sir, very small timer. The Lobbs were just lovely.
Possible to get measurements? Thanks.
What it says on the tin.
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