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Quote: Originally Posted by rioni We need to rename this thread to the "Alden, Peal & Co and Random beat up Cordovan Shoes" thread Quote: Originally Posted by NORE C&J For Ralph Lauren, Shell Cordovan Chukkas, size 11, new with box, BIN of $470
Do you have measurements - length and width on these shoes? You can answer by editing your original post, don't answer by writing another post (which will bump up this thread, which cannot be done unless there's a 5% drop). More rules. Lovely shoes, BTW.
^^ unless that was a coincidence, Gracias. Thanks anyway. Not my style, but a good buy for someone.
I'd love that. Great question.
^^ Funnily enough there's another BB Peal & Co New In Box Suede, BIN of $159, free shipping, is a second, plain toe, 10.5 size. Why can't these fuckers ever be 8.5-9?
These are European sizes?
This seller almost always has some sick stuff.
And if anyione has a 8.5 D-9D they wanna dispose, try me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luke Banks Its not "entirely up to him whether he can pull it off or not" at all. People are most likely going to look at him likes hes a leper and thats the simple truth. Which is fair, but then that supports my original point. There's no one as truly conservative as t'youth. Especially the 'fashionable crowd'.
What I like about this here thread thread is that on a website presumably dedicated to style, individualism and standing out from the crowd, most people commenting seem to be the conservative types, desperate to fit in with a preconcieved notion of selfhood and what is 'appropriate'. The guy wants to go clubbing at 40 or 60 or 80. Entirely up to him whether he can pull it off or not. Instead we have people talking about what is age appropriate. Ever listen to yourself...
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