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You're a f*cktard.
IMO, pretty much.
Maybe he's busy making a jacket for the Supreme Leader up North.
@LA Guy, I was going to respond to your comments, but I think Spaghettimatt makes a fair point when he says that " we've gone from speculating that cash flow could be the problem to assuming that it certainly is so without any real proof". While I have been careful to not suggest that this is a certainty, I'll back off all the same.
Sadly enough, I don't think there's any problem with Drew's hold on the core business itself, or operations, logistics, or any of the non financial 'management stuff' because that is a comparatively easy fix. I just think that he's sort of combined financing for both businesses, there's a cash crunch and the restaurant isn't throwing up enough money, if any, for him him meet his ToJ obligations. As a side note, this is a classic situation for a initially successful...
I wish Drew the best of luck. It's never easy anyway, but less easier still when you mess up by so much (and he has) in the B2C 'fashion' space creating items of superior value for an unusually demanding audience that you engaged with directly for a long time. I'd probably also be as pissed as some of the more vocal people here, but however bad things are now, I'll raise a glass to the man from whom I bought five jackets, four outstanding, one quite good.
I'm slow on the uptake all right and this may not be news to most or anyone here; but I am now willing to accept the theory that the business has a classic cash flow problem because Drew funded his restaurant venture from the ToJ proceeds anticipating that he could finance both. Perhaps somewhere along the way the restaurant sucked up a lot more cash than anticipated and/ or wasn't quick enough to generate enough returns to plough back into the ToJ supply and keep the...
His dog gots more ToJ swag than some a you fools.
All this live action reportage of Drew's instagram behavior makes him sound like some Korean version of Dr Evil, stroking the cat, posting random pictures of cat, food, catfood, presumably making gleeful little sounds at internet noobs as he sits on a vast goatskin upholstered sofa (that's your jacket his arse is aromatizing, Distorbiant) and masterminds cunning plans that make sense only to him.
New Posts  All Forums: