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And I'm sure one of the targets is wearing a Toj peacoat.
But the main thing is how much time did it take for him to have the weapons delivered?
Delhi University, B.E. Northwestern University, MBA
You're a f*cktard.
IMO, pretty much.
Maybe he's busy making a jacket for the Supreme Leader up North.
@LA Guy, I was going to respond to your comments, but I think Spaghettimatt makes a fair point when he says that " we've gone from speculating that cash flow could be the problem to assuming that it certainly is so without any real proof". While I have been careful to not suggest that this is a certainty, I'll back off all the same.
Sadly enough, I don't think there's any problem with Drew's hold on the core business itself, or operations, logistics, or any of the non financial 'management stuff' because that is a comparatively easy fix. I just think that he's sort of combined financing for both businesses, there's a cash crunch and the restaurant isn't throwing up enough money, if any, for him him meet his ToJ obligations. As a side note, this is a classic situation for a initially successful...
New Posts  All Forums: