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Aha but that 'Taj' is the 'Taj' in 'Taj Mahal'.Has Drew ever built a billion dollar mausoleum for his third wife, after which he allegedly blinded the architects and murdered most of the workers?I thought not. His argument, therefore, is invalid.
Not been following this for a while, but AFAIK, Bally Scribes for $345 shipped aren't a bad deal. The RL store on eBay has a bunch of them- linky.
Thanks. I looked around yesterday at 3 locations but found only one trouser I liked.
Lots of comments on SCs and dress shirts which were very helpful. Anyone has a suggestion on dress pants brands they would recommend? I'm in NY only for a day so any help would be very very appreciated. Thanks!
This is a nice, tough, casual shoe and I really like it. However, OP, while you are right when you say it fits large, IMHO it fits even larger than half a size. I am a US 8.5E (wide) in many US shoes, and a US 8 redwing moc oxford was too large for me, I could insert two fingers between my heel and and the back edge of the shoe. I'm now wearing a US 7.5 Redwing 8019 Oxford, and even that fits just about, and could be a hair loose. In other words, I have had to size...
OCBDs, I'm interested.
Crap I could have sworn that Oxfords were going to feature as well. My bad, and the hunt continues.
No oxfords?
Absolutely. Possibly even the most helpful group on SF, a community that is generally very helpful.In my case at least, the willingness of thread members to answer my questions so generously has contributed to making me a partial Alden convert (shell PTBs) whereas before I did not like the brand that much.
These are glorious.
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