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I keep reading this as The Unbaking of a Goat thread.
I'm Asian too, but I have no honour*. South Asian, maybe that's why. *But I have 5 TOJs so f*ck honour. F*ck honor, too.
Beat me to it.
The 'Todge' thread, never fails to sink new lows. it's the main reason I read SF these days, anyway.
Agreed those are lovely. I'm interested in a whiskey cordovan boot as well gents.
Or he could PM Distorbiant for the latest info....
Sure as heck didn't spot that.I like the little $hit though. He's entertaining (IMO) , bloody minded and he's sorta become an adjunct legend in his own right in this thread.
The f*ck are you doing here on B&S then?
That's no biggie. I compared him to Dr Evil a while back...
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