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Would be interesting to find out if the 'winner' pays up.
If you can wait there is often a 2 for $200 sale by an Allen Edmond outlet. I do not have the details but maybe someone can give you the number/ location. I have heard that these shoes may be seconds/ discontinued lines, but the quality should be fine. And as for the shoe in your link, as the guy said don't buy saddle shoes to office.
What happened in this eBay sale? I know the London Tan SAB Westminister is particularly desirable to some, but paying $2,000 for a used briefcase? You can get it for $2085 (present exchange rates) at the SAB site, and add maybe a few hundred bucks for shipping/ tax if you're outside the UK. The dimensions seem to match those on the eBay listing. Or if you're in the US, you can buy a very slightly smaller case new for $1,925 here and the same-ish size case here.
Mine look plenty 'red-ish' to me. However, since I neither have any other Ravello shoe, nor have even seen another in real life, I have no way of knowing where they stand on the 'redness' scale, or even how the Ravello is supposed to look for that matter.Edit: I went back and had another look. They seem to have a deep red tint, but it seems to me that there would be a case for saying they are a 'lighter shade of dark brown' (not sure if that makes sense, but that' how...
Alden Washington DC. The Ravello was a floor model apparently, but it seems absolutely fine to me.
Thanks sevenfoldtieguy, much appreciated. Are the Ravello and cigar that hard to find? Did not realize that., maybe I lucked out. Now I have another reason to think over whether I want to return either.
I am buying Alden shell for the first time - decided to go with PTBs - and have purchased a cigar PTB in 8 C/E and a Ravello PTB in 8.5 B/D. Both are in Barrie. The 8 C/E fits a little better than the 8.5 B/D. Questions for the experts: Will the shoe stretch? I am worried that the 8.5 B/D, which feel just a tiny loose (not enough to matter presently), may get even looser so to speak. How does the Ravello color compare to the #6 shell cordovan, as I am due to get a #6...
^^ Eh?
Thank you for that detailed reply to my query. Answers such as these, and the effort that you made, make SF worthwhile and an outstanding community.
So, I've read that various shell cordovan colors begin to fade with use. For example, color 8 becomes less intense with time and the original purple-ish color fades to a much lighter hue. Is that true? And is it true for all shell cordovan colors regardless of shoe brand?
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