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Goddamn, son. Gold, pure gold.
I've had 5 jackets made so far- tan baseball, VTG calf (now developing into a golden brownish shade), black lamb moto, brown goat bomber, and navy peacoat. Except my first order when I queried when it would get to me, and the last time when I lost 15 pounds of weight and my measurements actually changed, I don't think I've ever unilaterally gotten back to TOJ once I've placed an order. They've always delivered in the 90%range (fit, style, materials). 100% would only...
I now live in India as well- I believe there is a stronger* tradition of shoe making in Calcutta (the Chinese community)? Did you try to find someone there? I'm looking as well, hence the question.* Comparatively speaking, that is.
I know you said you're not interested in Red Wing. However, since you are giving it a try I would suggest the moc toe Oxfords, although they are not dressy. Very tough leather, softer crepe soles, great to walk long distances (but you will need to break them in) . In the US you can get the models 8105, 8106 and 8109. I've recently bought all three and love them as part of my rotation. The Red wing stores I have visited tend not to carry the moc toe oxford, so you will...
In before Malford chimes in again to say they'd have to pay him to take those boots.
Not sure if this has come up before, but these look teh sechs. Would kop if in my size. http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEE-KEE-SHELL-CORDOVAN-BOOTS-BURGUNDY-10-5-COMANDO-CUSTOM-MADE-COLOR-8-SHOES-/180985007545?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2a238c0db9
Aha but that 'Taj' is the 'Taj' in 'Taj Mahal'.Has Drew ever built a billion dollar mausoleum for his third wife, after which he allegedly blinded the architects and murdered most of the workers?I thought not. His argument, therefore, is invalid.
Not been following this for a while, but AFAIK, Bally Scribes for $345 shipped aren't a bad deal. The RL store on eBay has a bunch of them- linky.
Thanks. I looked around yesterday at 3 locations but found only one trouser I liked.
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