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Not been following this for a while, but AFAIK, Bally Scribes for $345 shipped aren't a bad deal. The RL store on eBay has a bunch of them- linky.
Thanks. I looked around yesterday at 3 locations but found only one trouser I liked.
Lots of comments on SCs and dress shirts which were very helpful. Anyone has a suggestion on dress pants brands they would recommend? I'm in NY only for a day so any help would be very very appreciated. Thanks!
This is a nice, tough, casual shoe and I really like it. However, OP, while you are right when you say it fits large, IMHO it fits even larger than half a size. I am a US 8.5E (wide) in many US shoes, and a US 8 redwing moc oxford was too large for me, I could insert two fingers between my heel and and the back edge of the shoe. I'm now wearing a US 7.5 Redwing 8019 Oxford, and even that fits just about, and could be a hair loose. In other words, I have had to size...
OCBDs, I'm interested.
Crap I could have sworn that Oxfords were going to feature as well. My bad, and the hunt continues.
No oxfords?
Absolutely. Possibly even the most helpful group on SF, a community that is generally very helpful.In my case at least, the willingness of thread members to answer my questions so generously has contributed to making me a partial Alden convert (shell PTBs) whereas before I did not like the brand that much.
These are glorious.
He's got 100% positive feedback, which is tempting, but all things considered I am not ready at this time to
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