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Sure as heck didn't spot that.I like the little $hit though. He's entertaining (IMO) , bloody minded and he's sorta become an adjunct legend in his own right in this thread.
The f*ck are you doing here on B&S then?
That's no biggie. I compared him to Dr Evil a while back...
My apology is in the mail and will reach you shortly.
He must be new....
That's one way to do it. I guess the next milestone in the journey of desperation will be folks offering to donate their own skin as raw material...
It's all happening too quickly, perhaps ToJ should slow down their pace of order delivery...
I have these as well- for my money one of the the best shell boots out there.
^^ This thread just keeps bringing fresh lulz and finding new depths, just when one thought the bottom had been reached. At this rate what's next, Drew posting a pic of himself on Instagram with a whiskey collared moto in lamb and a raging erection, captioned "Charge back this, motherf*ckers"?
Maybe he means he'll be sending those pictures in the mail.
New Posts  All Forums: