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This would be a US 8.5D?
Haven't read this thread in a long while, so not sure if this has already been discussed. I believe that in the USA the pitbull breed was once regarded as the ultimate guard dog for children, considered to be gentle, caring and safe. Therefore the pics with children. It seems that this general perception changed later (1960s?) after pitbulls began to be used as fighting dogs.
Fluctuations. An old Asian lady is in the bank trying to exchange her yen for dollars. She's getting a little irritated with the bored and distracted teller. "Why it change? Yesterday I get two hunna dolla fo yen. Today I only get hunnat eighty? Why it change?" The teller shrugs his shoulders and says "fluctuations". The Asian lady snarls back, "Fluc choo white people too!".
May subscribe.
Hello Zyla, my name is PipersSon and I like being whipped by John Lobb captoes, with my nethers wrapped in TOJ's incredible swishy lamb softness. In the absence of either I prefer no clothes, just a pink Attolini tie (where's that gayboy whiteboy fella Connemara) instead of a belt, and redwing shoes to hide my brown Indian feet. Also, your soul may belong to Jeeeeeeza, but your ass belongs to the dancing god of destruction, Lord Shiva. And he's pissed. Nice to meecha.
Nothing in my size that I want thank gawd.
Oh man, and I gots to go out right now. Prolly for the best. Maybe. I think.
Damn, son. Watching the festive culmination of what is possible a seminal and genuinely exciting national election in the world's largest democracy, India, or waiting for Spoo's Carmina sale. Choices, choices.
Hi, not sure why the title says this shoe is priced at $1? I can't see a price within the thread, and the eBay link says it has a BIN of $299.
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