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Absolutely. Possibly even the most helpful group on SF, a community that is generally very helpful.In my case at least, the willingness of thread members to answer my questions so generously has contributed to making me a partial Alden convert (shell PTBs) whereas before I did not like the brand that much.
These are glorious.
He's got 100% positive feedback, which is tempting, but all things considered I am not ready at this time to
Easy, all that weight loss went to his head.
Linen is an interesting suggestion for summer. Thanks, I think that's avenue I will definitely pursue.
Thanks man.
^^ Thanks, the Dickies 1922 collection seems to be promising. Anyway have any experience with these? They look more like work, and less dress, pants though. http://www.dickies.com/mens-clothing/mens-pants/Dickies-1922-Cuffed-Pants-783.jsp
The dress code in my office department is dress trouser and shirt, and if needed, we 'go up' to a sport coat. In all the years I have never needed to wear a suit. I am looking to purchase (or have made) a few pairs of dress trousers with the stipulation that the material both qualifies for business casual wear and is also very durable. In short it should neither be denim, nor something up there in the super 130s etc (Unless someone knows that these are the really...
I don't know what it means, but I will say that if you like the leather quality, like the styling, like the design, detailing and finish, tell us about it. We may learn something.Most of us here, I'm definitely including myself, have not yet learned to develop opinions independent of popularly held beliefs of a few forum experts ( who are often correct, BTW, to make it more confusing), so do not be put off. Speak up.
I had high hopes too. But I don't like it. For one, it's like no newsroom I ever saw. For two, most of the journos are unbelievable, except for Thomas Sadoski as Don Keefer. He has just that right amount of petty little snark, eye on the main chance and sharp elbows, with some glimmer of ethics that characterizes a lot of journalists I know.You are on to something. IMO good films, plays, serials have one common characteristic that stands out for me - the characters...
New Posts  All Forums: