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What a fantastic set. If you have an 8.5D in whiskey let me know.
I refuse to take threads like these seriously until it's spelt 'loosers'. Or, its spelt loosers.
Well said.
eHaberdasher, great effort. Keep us informed. I have zero ideas about design; I'm 'just' a buyer. But I would reiterate Charlie's opinion that I would, as a buyer, prefer to buy something that is 'original' and 'native' rather than an imitation of other cultures. Whether that's design, or leather or something else is up to your friend. How native you want to go with your product range go would depend on your target market. For example, here in India, there are...
Mrs SVB aside- and she's looking very cool - it's MoK for me. I think MoK carries his outfit better.
It's still the same for me. Can't get B&S to load preferences.
Interesting - I came back on B&S after a couple of months myself as I was moving countries and I'm getting the same error message.I complained about it a few days ago. The Mods are presumably busy handling a dozen things to reply to every complaint, but hopefully they're listening.
Excellent thread and thanks for the bump.
Sold by our very own isshinryu101, or as he is known among the cognoscenti:But he sells great shoes, so I'm willing to forget him a few senseless killings.
Same for me too.
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