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Grey order stock...sounds like a meme already.
I find it amazing how the two guys in that photo seem to be taller than the skyscraper in the background.
Or you could just quote him and post there.....
Whatchoo got for the beta, bro? I'm not asking for me, you understand, I'm asking for a friend.
That leads us inevitably to why Drew' and TOJ were so valued at one time, and later on for the longest time got away with so much- fit, drape, call it what you want. I'm not a leather jacket expert either, or even someone who can call themselves well informed. But after having bought 5 TOJs and seen so many fit pics on this forum, I'm find myself able to at least understand, often without being able to articulate it, that something is wrong with a jacket. And that's...
That could well be true but it has nothing to do with people - I'm not sure how many but it seems a sizeable enough number to attract attention - who have not received their jackets trying to actively do something about it in the absence of consistent and proactive feedback from the vendor.
Man, you're awesome.
This sums it up.OP, to you this may feel like a significant event, for most other people it's a minor dispute between two parties made interesting only because it has the potential for a meltdown. I doubt anyone apart from you and your former partner give a hoot. I'm one of those who didn't even know about either of you until you started this thread- I'm sure there are a few like me.So while I'd love more farce with my popcorn and would't mind seeing a few shenanigans,...
I keep reading this as The Unbaking of a Goat thread.
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