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Dunno about now but you sure as $hit will be by the time it gets to you.....
It may be the end of ToJ, but given what I've seen here, I believe all Drew has to do is to rock up one day and say he's got another hot concept in gentlemen's clothing, and you'll have a lot of folks lining up up waving dollar bills.
Saying things you don't mean- you already do.
Next year in Jerusalem. Could be your TOJ delivery timeline too.
+ 100.But the love of undelivered jackets, it seems, surpasseth all understanding.
Thank you, come again.
Way you're going it should be spelled Lauda. In Hindi.
Funny, I have the exact opposite position. Probably because I bought from Drew in the heydays (5 jackets) when everything was running smoothly. I thought he was a nice guy, not arrogant in the least, with some natural pride in the successful business he was building. He may have made a few grandiose sounding statements, pontificated somewhat - but he had the right to do it back then, and who knew how things would finally turn out? No, he was ok, and so were they all,...
Grey order stock...sounds like a meme already.
I find it amazing how the two guys in that photo seem to be taller than the skyscraper in the background.
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