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I'm not sure how many of those insights are genuine or just a close reading of stuff that's out there anyway. I could be wrong. One post- the precise identification of of newspapers/ contacts to reach out to in Korea - did seem to imply that this poster had bite.Then another post implied Drew didn't do 'much else' apart from designing the jackets and the menu, in both instances leaving the 'hard work' to others. I'd argue that designs were/ are the trickiest bit, but that...
All this insanity now needs is for some lucky innocent to turn up who's just received a jacket to post fit pics, ask folks whether his swag's swaggy enough, and declare- "Thanks Drew, it was totes worth it!"
Precise-fucking-ly.IMO that post was a prime example of stale news and bullshit masquerading as insight.
FWIW, the sarcasm was reasonably clear to me even without that.
Where would that put Distorbiant? So far even beyond the end, he's prolly right up Drew's end getting a direct load of that 'hateful Korean air' .
Dunno about now but you sure as $hit will be by the time it gets to you.....
It may be the end of ToJ, but given what I've seen here, I believe all Drew has to do is to rock up one day and say he's got another hot concept in gentlemen's clothing, and you'll have a lot of folks lining up up waving dollar bills.
Saying things you don't mean- you already do.
Next year in Jerusalem. Could be your TOJ delivery timeline too.
+ 100.But the love of undelivered jackets, it seems, surpasseth all understanding.
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