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Thanks metranger8694, will give it another shot.Whoops. just saw the response to my previous email.Too many crazed SFers emailing in, eh?
Typically does Mike respond to PMs here? I'm sure he must be super busy. Did not want to clutter up the thread about my order so PMed him twice 5-6 days ago but got no reply. Also emailed Epaulet, same result.
+ 1.I'm interested.Or Navy blue, I'd look at that too.
Well, if Drew and Charlie are reading this, fellows just point my way a someone that wants a refund on their TOJ0 2013 order.
To be able to make jackets and send said jackets to waiting people, Drew has to make teh moneys from his restaurant. For the restaurant to make money, perhaps people who are waiting for their jackets can spend some money going to Korea eating at said restaurant?Anyway, speaking of jackets, if anyone is willing to sell a TOJO 2013 spot, I'm buying.
Yeah the last bit I don't disagree. The high priced fellows I tried all turned out to be mediocre or worse.
Whoops.Thanks, will let him know.
New Posts  All Forums: