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And selling two pairs for every two pair purchased would be considered "catastrophe".
I saw that entire collection- Isshy has broken teh internets. Lots in my size. Phuck.
This is fantastic- thanks!
I'm asking for ideas on great quality made in the US products. The assumption being that people have their favorite items which they would share, thus letting me cut down on search time.I know enough to filter out random stuff. That is the reason I came up with Aldens, Filson, Saddlebag, Makr.Thanks for the suggestions.
I want to buy made in the US SW&D stuff that's world class. That help?
Thanks, this is good info.
Thing is I want to buy in the US instead of the presumably hugh premiums I would need to pay buying from outside- I've read enough of the Australian/ NZ forummers complaints on the subject.
I'm looking at casual/SW&D items too, have a similar thread open in SW&D too.Thing is, I don't know what's really high quality made in the US stuff, so I don't know what I want.I know some stuff- Filson, Saddleback, Makr.....not all of it so suggestions are welcome.
I'm good with Allen Edmonds and Brooks Brothers (well some suits, though they're not made in the USA ). What specific US made items from Saks/ Barneys would you recommend? Thanks.
Either India- most likely, or Europe (maybe a 10% chance)
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