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I thought you had sold your spots? Bought a new spot?
Good thread.
Sorry if I missed this, but what did you purchase for 5k? Edit- 'attempt to purchase'
Really? That's your point?
They're very good jackets.Plus who wouldn't want to wear (almost) bespoke clothing designed by an international fugitive from justice? Think of the swag, the street cred. Why we'll practically be gangstas ourselves.
I'm disappointed mostly because of the sheer waste of it. He built something of value and pissed it away. Possibly Drew thinks he can replicate his success again, possibly because he did it comparatively easily the first time round. He'll soon learn different from here on. But in the meanwhile, what a bloody waste.
Some would say he has only responded when people were rude.
I haven't done the math but that list up there looks to be in the region of $80-90k, if not more.
"I don't have the 'internet' as my daily job right now" -good enough to be a meme.
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