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His dog gots more ToJ swag than some a you fools.
All this live action reportage of Drew's instagram behavior makes him sound like some Korean version of Dr Evil, stroking the cat, posting random pictures of cat, food, catfood, presumably making gleeful little sounds at internet noobs as he sits on a vast goatskin upholstered sofa (that's your jacket his arse is aromatizing, Distorbiant) and masterminds cunning plans that make sense only to him.
So my carefully considered offer of $200, free shipping to India won't go down well? Lovely boots, by the way.
Lord have mercy. Look away, look away...
Well that escalated quickly...
Closing the loop. Adele got back to me and my question was answered. Thanks Adele.
My follow up email, the one I sent an hour or so ago, was to that id (contact@epauletnewyork.com)
Thanks metranger8694, will give it another shot.Whoops. just saw the response to my previous email.Too many crazed SFers emailing in, eh?
Typically does Mike respond to PMs here? I'm sure he must be super busy. Did not want to clutter up the thread about my order so PMed him twice 5-6 days ago but got no reply. Also emailed Epaulet, same result.
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