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Unless he's giving away the client list for free or dirt cheap, I'd seriously think about buying only the patterns and starting a new thread here and on other forums - call it the new TOJ thread or something like that- to market afresh.This bothers me the most. Speaking as someone with some minor talent in another direction, the absolute waste of this whole thing gets to me.Nothing is easy, but I think in his head, because he created this brand out of nothing, Drew...
it would if someone first set themselves on fire, a la Mohamed Bouazizi. Do we have any volunteers?
This question has probably been asked and answered several times but I couldn't find the right answer- perhaps it's too late at night as I write this I'm looking for advice on conditioning and maintaining my SAB Westminster briefcase. I seem to have misplaced the bottle of wax that SAB gives along with the briefcase, and now I can't remember what it was, nor can I find it on the net after admittedly on 10-15 minutes of trying. Or, if there are other options that have...
From personal experience - I moved countries a few years ago - you need a bank account in a country to be able to open a local PP account. But that was back then, so I wouldn't know if the laws have changed.
Well If a troll it's despicable. My advice to everyone would be to choose your words very carefully from here on and avoid making false statements- even if you think you're posting anonymously. This $hit can go anywhere,
You offer advice that is - IMO- neither original, nor is your insight anything particularly out of the ordinary. Then you start going after people on the premise that they're not listening to you. It may still be good advice, but calm down.
Drew, take this from a guy who has been nothing but happy with your products - 5 of them, and who does not have a bone in this particular fight. You need to give specific answers to the specific questions that have been put to you in this page and the last two pages. See dieworkwear's and cutemelon's posts. I guarantee you that whatever genuine personal or professional problems you may have, it is critical you do not compound them by ignoring what people are...
I thought you had sold your spots? Bought a new spot?
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