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If there's going to be debate, at least keep it interesting. But mostly what I see - and it's happened before - are the pretentious and ersatz world -weary arguments of apparently drunken flakes like Harold falcon. Man your schtick is contemptible even when you do have a point and something to contribute. When you don't, it's cretinous.
Visuals not that impressive, the hallmark 'scary and tense' scenes neither scary nor tense enough. Forget the insipid plot, unmemorable characters, weak script (not that that matters all that much in these movies), unmemorable characters (does Worst in the series, IMO.
Yeah I asked him that already. This just keeps getting weirder.
Say again?
If it's not deliberate - i'm not certain either way - but if it's not deliberate then my guess is the man now needs help in more ways than one. His posting seems random and episodic, with little to no context or acknowledgement of the big picture. It's almost as if the man know he has to come in and say something, so he comes and says something which approximates to whatever seems like a next step in his mind.
Just put whatever is the price of your lowest priced item- that's the generally accepted practice here, IMO.
What is worth $1 in your listing as advertised in the headline? Did I miss it?
Not dissing you, but in other words when you were making a fake ToJ ma1 someone told you that the original ToJ ma1 had a fake YKK?
Also while understating the value of jackets to avoid paying customs duty is being used as an allegation, it is likely a double edged sword. I am sure that there are emails from customers asking ToJ to put a lower price on the jackets so they could clear customs inspection. I don't know how liable it would make the customers, though, but it's something to think about before charging Drew on this particular count.
And if you make it to 300 you could march to the hot gates, have amazing pecs...
New Posts  All Forums: