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Yeah well when Drew knows they're after his hide, y'all expect him to watch out for yours?
This is probably not bespoke, but since we're speaking of Chelseas and boots, I recently came across an intriguing picture of General Patton's boots on his wikipedia page. They look like a cross between Chelseas and Jodhpurs. Anyone know what these are exactly?
On a separate but related note, the old B&S wasn't what it was - IMO- because of any user friendly sort or categorization tool. It rocked because it was the closest thing online to a chaotic flea market with amazing products and great bargains, very interesting sellers and very knowledgeable commentators who came together to make made buying and selling a communal, action packed and pleasurable activity in a raucous environment. It gave pleasure to buyer and seller. I...
So this is about internal organization in a briefcase. I am a messy traveler and end up throwing a bunch of stuff inside my bags that just seem to lie in there at random. So it's laptop accessories, novels, coins, pens, visiting cards, spectacle case, pens, three pin plus, etc etc. I was talking to Simon here about commissioning a briefcase when I learnt something new about myself - I actually want my ideal briefcase to be super organized from the inside. I want a...
Before you get all superior and all, those are dick sizes, yo.
If there's going to be debate, at least keep it interesting. But mostly what I see - and it's happened before - are the pretentious and ersatz world -weary arguments of apparently drunken flakes like Harold falcon. Man your schtick is contemptible even when you do have a point and something to contribute. When you don't, it's cretinous.
Visuals not that impressive, the hallmark 'scary and tense' scenes neither scary nor tense enough. Forget the insipid plot, unmemorable characters, weak script (not that that matters all that much in these movies), unmemorable characters (does Worst in the series, IMO.
Yeah I asked him that already. This just keeps getting weirder.
New Posts  All Forums: