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I concur with the sentiment that razl is doing great work. Please keep going, your efforts make this easily one of my most watched threads and the reason that I, so used to the old B&S, keep coming back to SF.
Vot jes heppened?
Jesus Christ, someone buy this shit.
Speaking as part of the third world horde, I only want to fondle his hair piece.
Have you tried seducing her?
You could kill yourself at a chicken wing stand...
Distorbiant you little $hit, welcome back. All said and done, much missed.
Best of luck to the Falcon team. Charly, as someone who has a bunch of ToJ jackets, (and may I say excellent experiences dealing with you) and is probably tapped out except for maybe the varsity, I am more interested in knowing if there are (presently or in the pipeline) jackets different from the 'ToJ standard line up'. Cheers.
Crazy innit? I've not been following for a while, but have whiskey shells become more easily available? 7.5d and I'd have gone for it.
If it works like that, send me your money guys, I promise to keep you fit for a lifetime.
New Posts  All Forums: